Why doesn't God want me to have a couch or cinnamon rolls?

I don't feel like that is too much to ask. So I go to make them and I don't have any yeast so I decide to run to Wal-Mart to grab some real fast. Side Note: I was hanging out around the house in my brothers old gym clothes, hot i know but they are SOO comfy and I kinda like that it makes him mad that I wear them. So back to the point, it's Idaho and late and I'll only be a second and let's be honest I'd probably still be the best dressed person there at this hour.

Since I literally only have like two dollars to my name i grabbed something to take back to Wal-mart. (I bet you didn't know they barter for yeast.) I pull up and run in and I fall flat on my face right there in the cross walk with like a million people watching me. So I get up all embarrassed, and head to customer service. I get there and the lady scans my item and says, "This isn't our product," and hands it back to me. So I pull out my receipt and hand it to her that says Wal-Mart of Ammon Idaho dated like three days ago and she says, "maa'm this isn't ours, you'll have to take it to the place you purchased it." It was only when I was walking away that I heard her say to the next person in line, "This isn't in my system it may not be from the store in Ammon but let me look, and since you have your receipt I can always give you a gift card." Grrr! Why do people think it's okay to be mean to me?

So I dig through my purse and find a dollar and twelve cents that rob had given me earlier in the day to get a diet coke cause I had gotten yelled at while I was at work by a customer and a manager, whom neither of had a real reason to. I decided that the 1.12 could be put to better use making me cinnamon rolls and grab a pack and check out.

I get out to my car and there is a couple with two little girls loading their groceries up in their truck right next to mine, and the two little girls are running everywhere. I get in thinking they'll hear my car start up and see the lights and the parents will move out of the way. No luck! I turn to make sure i can see both girls are out of the way and behind me is one of those guys who carries around a backpack of perfume all summer preying on people who are to nice to tell him to leave them alone and go away. Wouldn't you know this couple is one of them.

So they are sitting there, children still everywhere smelling all his perfume and right when I'm getting ready to say something they pull out money and I figure they are going to buy some, load up their groceries and be done. They pay and he leaves and they start loading up the groceries again. They finish the cart and I'm already for them to load up their girls so i can pull out when around the truck they pull another cart, so they are halfway done with that and they pull out their new perfume and start smelling it.

Up until know I kept saying just be patient, it's not hurting you, they'll move any second. But that was the last straw and I put my head on the steering wheel and just started crying. Then I thought just ask them to move, so I get out of my car all in tears and say "I'm so sorry guys but I really just want to go home." and then I really couldn't stop the tears. They thought I was crazy but they apologized and moved and grabbed their kids.

After I got home I told the story to Katy and she laughed at me and I cried again but was laughing too. Even during the situation I could see the humor in it I just couldn't stop the tears. I also texted my very best friends and one of them called and told me I was a silly girl and everything was all better.

Me and Katy made the cinnamon rolls and she was worried I had ruined them. she told me they looked like the cub scouts baked them, For some reason after that comment we couldn't stop laughing the rest of the night. For the record I am not going to Wal-Mart again for at least a month. I LOVE WinCo!!!! Oh P.S. The cinnamon rolls were awesome and they even looked really good, but I still need a couch!