Temple Timeout

Isn't the Bounitful Temple so pretty? We (Katy and I) try to attend once a week. Last week we came home from work got dressed and dashed out the door. In the temple parking lot I realized that my recommend was in the pocket of the sweater I wore last time we went. I didn't want to drive all the way home (I know I shouldn't complain when I live 10 minutes from a temple) and I didn't want to skip it so we went in and asked if there was a way they could look up my recommend electronically or something. The guy at the desk asked me for my bishop and stake president's names and phone numbers. All I knew was my bishop's name. Who knows numbers without their cell phone? The guy looked at me all suspish. I am sure he was questioning this girl trying to sneak in the temple who doesn't even know her stake president's name. PS. It's Morris I found out later. So the temple guy makes katy and I take a seat on this little bench by the front door while he takes what little info I have to the temple recorder.

It was awful sitting there watching everyone else go in. I got the strangest looks from other people as they filed past me. I honestly felt like I had been put on timeout. While we were sitting there Katy started teasing me about being one of the 5 virgins with no oil in her lamp. He eventually came back and must have gotten a hold of my bishop because they let me in. I don't ever want to be without my oil again because temple timeout is no fun at all.


30 Before 30

I had such lofty goals. As you can see if you click the tab labeled 30 before 30 above. I decided to start with being vegetarian for a month. I lasted 11 days until I "accidentally" made and ate 6 turkey and black bean tacos. Man were they delicious. The sad thing is that after being 11 days in, I wasn't going to start over again at day one, and it would be cheating to say I was vegetarian for a month when I had in fact eaten 6 turkey and black bean tacos... and Shrimp Saag at Taste of India, also worth it! So skip that one. What should I tackle unsuccessfully next?


Conference and a Cannoli

If you will recall from just a few posts ago I have been feeling the need to declutter my life. I have been terming it "putting my life on a diet." I got rid of half of my wardrobe, more than half of my shoes and purses. I got rid of a bunch of books, old craft supplies, and many other things. And it has felt AMAZING! I haven't missed a thing and the simplicity of my life has made me super extra happy. So I loved when Elder Uchdorf quoted Da Vinci in conference this morning. 
'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' -Leonardo Da Vinci
I also want you to know that before Sister Beck rocked this haircut
I rocked the Asymmetrical haircut!

In between conference sessions Lolly and I went to the Mediterranean market and had delicious sandwiches and AMAZING COOKIES! Yes please! After the second session we went to this Italian bakery downtown and got Cannolis. My favorite. Not healthy but so good, and hey since I am vegetarian this month an extra dessert or two won't hurt me.

Decluttered life, listening to prophets, BFF in town, Cannoli, and the best of times!