Temple Timeout

Isn't the Bounitful Temple so pretty? We (Katy and I) try to attend once a week. Last week we came home from work got dressed and dashed out the door. In the temple parking lot I realized that my recommend was in the pocket of the sweater I wore last time we went. I didn't want to drive all the way home (I know I shouldn't complain when I live 10 minutes from a temple) and I didn't want to skip it so we went in and asked if there was a way they could look up my recommend electronically or something. The guy at the desk asked me for my bishop and stake president's names and phone numbers. All I knew was my bishop's name. Who knows numbers without their cell phone? The guy looked at me all suspish. I am sure he was questioning this girl trying to sneak in the temple who doesn't even know her stake president's name. PS. It's Morris I found out later. So the temple guy makes katy and I take a seat on this little bench by the front door while he takes what little info I have to the temple recorder.

It was awful sitting there watching everyone else go in. I got the strangest looks from other people as they filed past me. I honestly felt like I had been put on timeout. While we were sitting there Katy started teasing me about being one of the 5 virgins with no oil in her lamp. He eventually came back and must have gotten a hold of my bishop because they let me in. I don't ever want to be without my oil again because temple timeout is no fun at all.

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  1. A HA! YOU CAN'T GO! A HA! YOU CAN'T GO! Just kidding. Timeouts suck especially when the Lord puts you on it.