Life is Good

I found a new favorite ethinic
dive in Salt Lake.
Next time you are in town,
join me for a culinary adventure.
I have a list of places to choose from,
If you don't mind sitting on a duct taped booth.

* * * * * *

This morning I was driving to work,
favorite sunglasses on,
skinny jeans fitting a little loose,
Keith Urban was singing to me,
the weather was beautiful,
I was driving to a job I enjoy,
reviewing plans for the evening
that include all you can eat Sushi and a hot tub,
and I couldn't help but feel that life is good.

* * * * * *

I think I am becoming a genuine Utahan.
It was 45 degrees last night
and I went out in capris, short sleeves, and flip flops.

* * * * * *

I heard that 50% of the
work force has the week between
Christmas and New Years off.
Which means I used my cruise control on my commute
and made it home in 12 minutes.
Fine by me if every else is taking
Time off now.
I'll take mine the rest of the year.

* * * * * * 
My short brown hair is back,
Who is excited?


I Need Help

Last night I could have had a new Greek boyfriend. Why am I not all smiles this morning because I have a new Greek Boyfriend? Well let us go back a few years...

There was this one time my roommates and myself threw a party in college. At the party I met this super cute guy and somehow we ended up sneaking out of our own party, with my roommate and her man, and ended up at the movies. Anyway we were sharing a jumbo popcorn and his hand kept touching mine in the popcorn. I kept thinking "why does he always go for popcorn at the same time as me?" And then I was thinking "why is he stroking my fingers? Weird." Maybe I should leave the popcorn alone... and I did. Fortunately for us he John Wayned it up later and kissed me. Let's be honest if it was up to me I would have never figured out what was going on. CLASSIC hand holding move and I had no idea! Ugh!

If you will recall this kind of thing has happened to me before. And in other instances it didn't included greasy butter fingers. Ha!  I don't have any problem flirting. I can reel them in, but I can't pull them off the line. I might be an idiot.

Cut to last night....

I am at dinner with a bunch of girl friends and this BEAUTIFUL Greek man walks in. He was dressed very nicely and even had a little salt and pepper in his hair. Just enough to be sexy. I am chatting, and laughing, and goofing off, when I realize he is staring at me over Katy's head. So I gave him a flirty little look and he gave me one back. So then what? While I was trying to decide if I should get up from my table and pursue this beautiful single man (ring check), or pay attention to the friends I came with... he made his way out the door. VERY, VERY slowly, while looking over his shoulder every once in awhile and winking at me. Once he shut the door I yelled right out loud so the entire restaurant could here me "WHY DID I LET MY BEAUTIFUL GREEK BOYFRIEND LEAVE WITHOUT ME?! And he was probably the one driving that Audi!"

"Uh that's actually my Audi. I think he's in the minivan."


Road Trip

HA HA This made me laugh because this is Katy and I.
There have been times when she has literally texted someone
and asked them to call and tell me to pull over.

We also pack a lunch for the road so we don't have
to eat fast food or stop for anything other than fuel.

Katy and I are getting ready to head home to Nebraska in the morning.
Our road trips are ALWAYS a good time.
Will we find another man with no eyes walking down I-80?
Will we make a new boyfriend at the Lincoln Head memorial?
Who will win when we play the Kenny Rodgers game?
Will we record it for Kenny this time?

The bad news is that we are going to be traveling like pioneers.
And by this I mean that  neither of our cars are capable of playing ipods.
I know I shouldn't complain, the pioneers had to make their own music.
Time to grab that box of CDs out of the basement.


Dear Papa,

Please bless we can have breakfast fried rice at least
every other morning that I'm home.
Oh and chicken wings at least once, but not for breakfast.
And Katy has requested that she be allowed to eat nothing but your homemade
apple and pumpkin pies all week.
If you need help cooking, we'll be home Thursday night to help stir... and sample.

Love U 18,

P.S. If Melane could be persuaded to make biscuits and gravy on one of the non fried rice mornings... I would  once again be willing to offer my stirring/sampling talents. 


Happy would be 52nd

To my mommy...

It's still cool if I make fun of her right?

Oh how I miss her singing the wrong words to all the songs on the radio,

snapping her fingers,

(which I think is a real weird thing to do to music),

and tapping the brake pedal to the beat, 

while singing all the ooh-ooh parts.



I don't like putting gas in my car. I just don't like it, and it has nothing to do with how much it costs. I am just a spoiled Jersey girl and we are going to have to accept that I suppose. Today I was super late for work, my gas light was on, and gas is at least 30 cents cheaper by my office. So I put literally 3 dollars of gas in my car. It was just over a gallon and my gas gauge said I had half a tank when I pulled away. Something isn't right.



When I texted the wrong number to ask if they had a cage we could use for FHE.



I was helping lolly in her classroom and I was introduced as "Miss Reese."  Which one of the children thought was "Miss Grease", which quickly became my name.  Then one little boy tapped me on the shoulder and said " Mith Weath, I AM gweasy!" And he was proud, and he was adorably chubby, and I just wanted to squeeze him.
Cut to lolly and I leaving Roosters later that evening in downtown Ogden when a man approached "You girls want me to buy you some tequila?!?!" Fortunately our Drew Drop was near by, saw our dilemma, and  came to our rescue. As we drove past the man, lolly crouched down in the passengers seat while I gave him a little honk and a wave from the safety of my car. 
Who loves my new nickname?
What a great evening.


Harry Potter

When I was in high school my mom started reading Harry Potter books to my brothers. I was obviously too cool to be involved in this practice. I mean they were books for small boys. Then one night I overheard a chapter or two, while I was being cool in the other room. I came home from work later that night and secretly began the first book. I was hooked. Since then I have not missed even one midnight release of the book.

I have always LOVED Snape.

And Dumbledore (until the very end).

A few years ago when I first moved to Utah and was looking for a job I often got very bored. It resulted in me once again caving and reading the latest book craze. I enjoyed the first book, the second was okay, and after that it was a struggle to get through them.

Remember how I love those stupid pictures with captions so so so much?
I swear I'll post a normal post again real soon,
but I can not get enough of these!

They make me laugh out loud, in fact the girl using the fax machine right now is laughing because of how much I am laughing.

Thanks for humoring me. Normal posts coming again soon. I promise!



Ha Ha Ha.

The Deal Breaker.

I have so many. Maybe that's why I'm still single.

This about how good I am at reading signals. 
He is in love with me, wait... 
he's engaged?
He wants to be friends, wait...
he thinks we are dating?

There are way too many boys out there like this. 
Like the one who told Katy he wouldn't date her 
because she couldn't play an instrument.

Wait a second...
Didn't I just say I have too many deal breakers?
Maybe it goes both ways. 

But I am NOT looking for a ballerina.