I was helping lolly in her classroom and I was introduced as "Miss Reese."  Which one of the children thought was "Miss Grease", which quickly became my name.  Then one little boy tapped me on the shoulder and said " Mith Weath, I AM gweasy!" And he was proud, and he was adorably chubby, and I just wanted to squeeze him.
Cut to lolly and I leaving Roosters later that evening in downtown Ogden when a man approached "You girls want me to buy you some tequila?!?!" Fortunately our Drew Drop was near by, saw our dilemma, and  came to our rescue. As we drove past the man, lolly crouched down in the passengers seat while I gave him a little honk and a wave from the safety of my car. 
Who loves my new nickname?
What a great evening.

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