Ha Ha Ha.

The Deal Breaker.

I have so many. Maybe that's why I'm still single.

This about how good I am at reading signals. 
He is in love with me, wait... 
he's engaged?
He wants to be friends, wait...
he thinks we are dating?

There are way too many boys out there like this. 
Like the one who told Katy he wouldn't date her 
because she couldn't play an instrument.

Wait a second...
Didn't I just say I have too many deal breakers?
Maybe it goes both ways. 

But I am NOT looking for a ballerina. 


  1. UGH! A good laugh is so important! -Or, at the very least, a laugh that isn't disgusting. The way I see it, if his laugh makes me want to stop being charming and witty, he's gotta go. (This has happened to me within the last 6 months. And I didn't even anguish over it too much...)

    "Must play an instrument" seems a bit silly...

  2. The gamer in me loved the wolf pic up top. Agreed, the laugh is a deal breaker. But having ten laughs isn't doing much for me. :)