Road Trip

HA HA This made me laugh because this is Katy and I.
There have been times when she has literally texted someone
and asked them to call and tell me to pull over.

We also pack a lunch for the road so we don't have
to eat fast food or stop for anything other than fuel.

Katy and I are getting ready to head home to Nebraska in the morning.
Our road trips are ALWAYS a good time.
Will we find another man with no eyes walking down I-80?
Will we make a new boyfriend at the Lincoln Head memorial?
Who will win when we play the Kenny Rodgers game?
Will we record it for Kenny this time?

The bad news is that we are going to be traveling like pioneers.
And by this I mean that  neither of our cars are capable of playing ipods.
I know I shouldn't complain, the pioneers had to make their own music.
Time to grab that box of CDs out of the basement.

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