Harry Potter

When I was in high school my mom started reading Harry Potter books to my brothers. I was obviously too cool to be involved in this practice. I mean they were books for small boys. Then one night I overheard a chapter or two, while I was being cool in the other room. I came home from work later that night and secretly began the first book. I was hooked. Since then I have not missed even one midnight release of the book.

I have always LOVED Snape.

And Dumbledore (until the very end).

A few years ago when I first moved to Utah and was looking for a job I often got very bored. It resulted in me once again caving and reading the latest book craze. I enjoyed the first book, the second was okay, and after that it was a struggle to get through them.

Remember how I love those stupid pictures with captions so so so much?
I swear I'll post a normal post again real soon,
but I can not get enough of these!

They make me laugh out loud, in fact the girl using the fax machine right now is laughing because of how much I am laughing.

Thanks for humoring me. Normal posts coming again soon. I promise!


  1. I laughed out loud! Thanks!

  2. Okay, this is COMPLETELY awesome. I absolutely love these.

    I LOVE Harry Potter too... but you probably knew that. :) In any case, I read all the Twilight books and became increasingly disinterested in each book. Really, it's just crappy writing.

    Have you read The Hunger Games series? I liked those a lot as well (though they don't touch HP). But I read one review of the 3rd book in which someone said they didn't like the ending and they wished it was more like the "happily ever after" ending of Breaking Dawn. I almost threw up in my mouth.

    Breaking Dawn is the PRIME example of why Stephanie Meyer can't touch JK. Rowling will make a sacrifice and CUT your heart out by killing off a beloved character. Then she manages to make it all better in the end. Meyer can't even let even one of her precious, superficial characters bite the bullet. She doesn't make you work for the happy ending like Rowling does.

    Okay... that's all. My soap box. :)

  3. Annie, you're awesome. These made me laugh, especially the "We all know you were in Hufflepuff" one. And btw, I've always loved Snape too!