New Show

One of my sales reps sent me an email today, and this was the subject line:

New show airing this fall on ABC @ 8pm "Very nice Mormon girl from Jersey that will have your back in a brawl at the fair"

He thinks he is going to make a show about me and make a lot of money.

I like that man a lot.


Boys Confuse Me

B: You know that I always had a crush on you right?
Me: Uhh....
B: Seriously I always really liked you.
Me: Then why the heck did you NEVER ask me out?
B: I don't know... I thought you were always in love with *____
Me: Um no, and that blew up in my face anyway.
B: So you had no idea that I liked you?
Me: None
B: But what about that night that I came over with my guitar and sang to you all night?
Me: I thought that was because we were good friends.
B: Honey a boy doesn't do something like that unless he is interested in being much more than friends.
Me: So just a few nights ago when I was at a friends house and he sang and played to me until I fell asleep on his couch... He wants to be more than friends?

*The problem is that I would bet my first born that the second fellow is just my friend. So almost the EXACT same incidence in one case means he wants to date me and in one means he is a good friend. How is a girl suppose to tell the difference? 



You knew this post was coming right?
I'll make it quick.

Today I have been thinking a lot about how my parents 
were married for time and eternity in a Holy Temple

Because they were not just married, but sealed, I was born under 
the covenant they made with each other and with our Heavenly Father.

As a result of that marriage I enjoyed time...
21 years of it, with basically perfect parents....
and 28 and counting with a nearly perfect father. 

As a result of that covenant I look forward to eternity.
Because of the covenants made that day
I am blessed to have perfect parents, 
my perfect parents, for eternity. 
I can't think of one truth that means more to me
than the knowledge that families are forever. 
Death has not released mom from her calling to be my mom. 
She exists and will continue to exist as she always has.
As my mother and friend. 


My Ring

My Papa bought me this ring. 
 It is actually two rings, one Mom's birthstone, and one mine. 

It is one of my most prized worldly possessions. 
Probably one of the only ones I would be truly sad to loose.
Other than my camera, car, and home.

Well the other day I was putting lotion on.
The man that cleans my ring tells me time and time again 
that I can never wear it when putting lotion on. 
He doesn't even want me to wear it when washing my hands 
or putting on hand sanitizer. It is all very bad for jewelry.
and I try to comply occasionally with him.

The other day I had no where to put my ring while
lotioning so I put it in my sweater pocket. 
I thought to myself. Don't do this. 
You will forget to put the ring back on and it will get lost. 
A sweater pocket is NOT  safe place. 
But I thought it would only be a second, how could I forget?

Guess what?
I forgot and the next day when I noticed my naked hand 
and checked the sweater it was gone. 
Why do I not listen to myself? 

I told Heavenly Father I was sorry I didn't listen,
and I told him how much the ring meant to me. 

Then I went looking everywhere for it.
Actually no. 
I thought there was no point.
It could be anywhere that I had been. 
So I searched my room, and my laundry basket real well.
 Gone, and I gave up.

Until the next morning when it was sitting on top of my laundry basket. 
Right on top.
Not sure how that is even possible.
Well I do know how it is possible 
and I am grateful HF cared about how much I cared 
about that ring, and found it for me. 



Have you heard about the "Up" house in Herriman?

We decided to go see it last weekend. 
The company I work for provided some of the hardware.

The house is an exact replica of the one from "UP." 
It is a model home for Bangeter homes so it's open for viewing. 
The nursery is the same, the living room, the entry way.
Anything that is shown in the movie was replicated here. 

This was my favorite part though
I am in LOVE with this retro kitchen. 
I told the boys that I would make dinner in heels every night
for any boy who purchased for me this kitchen.

I also love the claw foot bathtub upstairs that was jetted. 
Perfect combination of modern and classic.

Don't get me wrong, some of the model homes
in Daybreak, that we also looked at
had closets bigger than my bedroom and were nice. 
But they weren't homie like the "Up" house is.



Who can drive by this shady little place without thinking of me?
Oh Formosa, I think I have an obsession.
I have received a few random, and greatly appreciated,
text lately from friends saying something had sparked a memory of me.

One of them being the above restaurant in Logan. 
Others, probably not surprisingly, were things like 
hearing a Keith Urban song on the radio.

What things remind you of me?
Leave me a comment and let me know,
and I will tell you what ALWAYS reminds me of you.



  As Cam and I made it to our campsite this weekend. It was late and almost dark. But only a few minutes after arrival we had the car unpacked, the tent up, and dinner cooking. Just us two girls. One of us from Southern California, and one from South Jersey. I was proud of us. 

Our campsite was in the Uintas,
right in the middle of this little grove of aspen trees. 
Which you can see in this picture of me
posing by the tree I assisted in becoming firewood. 
You love that I have one earring in from work still. Ha!
Camping makes one very sexy. 

I slept in my hammock and fell asleep staring at the stars
and listening to the wind in the aspens. 
That sound while it does make me miss mom,
also makes me feel like she is right there with me. 
I can close my eyes and in a second
be camping with her again.


Of course camping means gourmet cooking! 
We made campfire burritos one night 
and I thought they were fantastic.
More hot sauce next time! 
The tortillas were perfectly crispy and so much melted cheese! 
You can see how excited Cameran was to eat hers, 
she had to use two tortillas to contain the beast! 

Cameran and I made best friends with one of the Park Service men 
and he told us about this great hike.
Unfortunately 10 ft after the trail head we found this. 
He said it would be swampy but this was almost 4 feet deep 
and there was NO trail on the other side. 

So we walked up this river for a while then headed back to camp.

Katy, Katy and Kyle joined us Friday night. 
We enjoyed sitting around the campfire 
watching our token man work hard. 
*heart* Kyle.

Favorite quote of the weekend...
"Of course I'm a great shot! 
Do you know how many Louis L'Amour books I've read?!"

What the heck was this we followed home on the way into Kamas?
It was a brand new truck with some kinda crazy custom bed.
Can you see that it has the tail lights of a Trans Am? CRAZY!



I love reminders.

I love it when I get in my car and I have to adjust my mirrors because a sexy man was the last one to drive my car.

Or when I have to pretend to be mad because he left cupcake wrappers in the arm rest.

Or when I get to work and my baskets of ninjas has been moved because wade came to visit me.

I love that this morning my car smelt like a campfire still.

I love the little snake toy on the floor that Simon left.

I readjusted the mirrors, tossed the snake toy and cupcake wrappers, the ninjas are back where they should be, and I'll ride with the windows down to get rid of the smoke smell...

But I still love all the little reminders of good times and good friends that some might call a mess.

I LOVE them.



I know by the title of this post you are waiting anxiously to hear another story about me having a rumble with the temple cafeteria workers, or the girl who grabbed Kyle's posterior at the dance.

Sorry to disappoint, this is a different kind of conflict all together.

You see I have a second blog. At one point I used it for a photo challenge for my friends and myself. Then only one person participated. Then I had an idea to make it a recipe blog where friends and family could share the recipes you always need another copy of because someone spilled soy sauce on the last one, or Dad put it in his journal. That also didn't really work. Only one person was posting recipes and then they deleted them all. Then I thought I would use it as a photo journal of sorts, try to improve my photography by taking a picture everyday. Then I lost my spare Canon battery and charger so that is indefinitely on hold. Unless I am going to do it with the 2 year old phone camera. Finally I decided to honor my love of international cuisine and do an "around the world cooking blog" and make a dish from a new country every month. Then I found that a lot of countries have food that is very similar and not all that great. I need to just stick to countries I already love like... anywhere in Latin America or Asia.

Then today I stumbled upon this blog.

I fell in love. Because there is nothing overly FABULOUS about these pictures. They just document the life of this artist... and I LOVE them. Can I please be like this? Time to get that new battery so I can start taking photos again. But will it last this time? Let's be honest... probably not. I don't need a blog with a million followers who think I am fabulous. I am just documenting me. Which really makes this blog simply for me, the people who like me, and my 13 followers.... and sometimes my Aunt Lois, when it doesn't make her want to stab her own eyes out.

So we'll have to see how it goes. I crave change and adventure and I think it shows in my second blog. Who's address you may not have until I figure my life out. Or at least until I figure out this part of it.