As Cam and I made it to our campsite this weekend. It was late and almost dark. But only a few minutes after arrival we had the car unpacked, the tent up, and dinner cooking. Just us two girls. One of us from Southern California, and one from South Jersey. I was proud of us. 

Our campsite was in the Uintas,
right in the middle of this little grove of aspen trees. 
Which you can see in this picture of me
posing by the tree I assisted in becoming firewood. 
You love that I have one earring in from work still. Ha!
Camping makes one very sexy. 

I slept in my hammock and fell asleep staring at the stars
and listening to the wind in the aspens. 
That sound while it does make me miss mom,
also makes me feel like she is right there with me. 
I can close my eyes and in a second
be camping with her again.


Of course camping means gourmet cooking! 
We made campfire burritos one night 
and I thought they were fantastic.
More hot sauce next time! 
The tortillas were perfectly crispy and so much melted cheese! 
You can see how excited Cameran was to eat hers, 
she had to use two tortillas to contain the beast! 

Cameran and I made best friends with one of the Park Service men 
and he told us about this great hike.
Unfortunately 10 ft after the trail head we found this. 
He said it would be swampy but this was almost 4 feet deep 
and there was NO trail on the other side. 

So we walked up this river for a while then headed back to camp.

Katy, Katy and Kyle joined us Friday night. 
We enjoyed sitting around the campfire 
watching our token man work hard. 
*heart* Kyle.

Favorite quote of the weekend...
"Of course I'm a great shot! 
Do you know how many Louis L'Amour books I've read?!"

What the heck was this we followed home on the way into Kamas?
It was a brand new truck with some kinda crazy custom bed.
Can you see that it has the tail lights of a Trans Am? CRAZY!

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