I know by the title of this post you are waiting anxiously to hear another story about me having a rumble with the temple cafeteria workers, or the girl who grabbed Kyle's posterior at the dance.

Sorry to disappoint, this is a different kind of conflict all together.

You see I have a second blog. At one point I used it for a photo challenge for my friends and myself. Then only one person participated. Then I had an idea to make it a recipe blog where friends and family could share the recipes you always need another copy of because someone spilled soy sauce on the last one, or Dad put it in his journal. That also didn't really work. Only one person was posting recipes and then they deleted them all. Then I thought I would use it as a photo journal of sorts, try to improve my photography by taking a picture everyday. Then I lost my spare Canon battery and charger so that is indefinitely on hold. Unless I am going to do it with the 2 year old phone camera. Finally I decided to honor my love of international cuisine and do an "around the world cooking blog" and make a dish from a new country every month. Then I found that a lot of countries have food that is very similar and not all that great. I need to just stick to countries I already love like... anywhere in Latin America or Asia.

Then today I stumbled upon this blog.

I fell in love. Because there is nothing overly FABULOUS about these pictures. They just document the life of this artist... and I LOVE them. Can I please be like this? Time to get that new battery so I can start taking photos again. But will it last this time? Let's be honest... probably not. I don't need a blog with a million followers who think I am fabulous. I am just documenting me. Which really makes this blog simply for me, the people who like me, and my 13 followers.... and sometimes my Aunt Lois, when it doesn't make her want to stab her own eyes out.

So we'll have to see how it goes. I crave change and adventure and I think it shows in my second blog. Who's address you may not have until I figure my life out. Or at least until I figure out this part of it.

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