My Ring

My Papa bought me this ring. 
 It is actually two rings, one Mom's birthstone, and one mine. 

It is one of my most prized worldly possessions. 
Probably one of the only ones I would be truly sad to loose.
Other than my camera, car, and home.

Well the other day I was putting lotion on.
The man that cleans my ring tells me time and time again 
that I can never wear it when putting lotion on. 
He doesn't even want me to wear it when washing my hands 
or putting on hand sanitizer. It is all very bad for jewelry.
and I try to comply occasionally with him.

The other day I had no where to put my ring while
lotioning so I put it in my sweater pocket. 
I thought to myself. Don't do this. 
You will forget to put the ring back on and it will get lost. 
A sweater pocket is NOT  safe place. 
But I thought it would only be a second, how could I forget?

Guess what?
I forgot and the next day when I noticed my naked hand 
and checked the sweater it was gone. 
Why do I not listen to myself? 

I told Heavenly Father I was sorry I didn't listen,
and I told him how much the ring meant to me. 

Then I went looking everywhere for it.
Actually no. 
I thought there was no point.
It could be anywhere that I had been. 
So I searched my room, and my laundry basket real well.
 Gone, and I gave up.

Until the next morning when it was sitting on top of my laundry basket. 
Right on top.
Not sure how that is even possible.
Well I do know how it is possible 
and I am grateful HF cared about how much I cared 
about that ring, and found it for me. 


  1. I just got the chills, and I may or may not have teared up reading this little story. (Hint: I totally teared up)


    And SO excited to see you for lunch!

  2. That's scary Annie! I'm so glad you found it - that's wonderful. I love that you shared this, thank you.

  3. I am glad you found your ring! I am glad you are being watched out for. love you.