Who can drive by this shady little place without thinking of me?
Oh Formosa, I think I have an obsession.
I have received a few random, and greatly appreciated,
text lately from friends saying something had sparked a memory of me.

One of them being the above restaurant in Logan. 
Others, probably not surprisingly, were things like 
hearing a Keith Urban song on the radio.

What things remind you of me?
Leave me a comment and let me know,
and I will tell you what ALWAYS reminds me of you.


  1. Thai curry and funny noises during church

  2. megan ~ Lace footwear, driving by your house, REI, Hi-Chews, Ocean Market, anything that is super gross, driving by the Gold's Gym in Bountiful, oh and rubber ducks!

  3. soy sauce, giggling, flirting, summer boyfriends, farmosa, LaVelle and the crew, USU, crazy roommates, Saturday chores, cleaning out the closet, reading recipe books...just to name a few

  4. There are A LOT of things that remind me of you. Mostly because of memories of doing things with you that I will remember forever...
    Here's just a few off the top of my head:
    1) Quiznos (where we met)
    2) The NGDB ("You and me goin fishin' in the dark!")
    3) Izze sparkling juice (you introduced me to its divine goodness)
    4)Cheesecake (because you make it better than ANYONE!!)
    5) My Buffy the pioneer slayer whom you bought for me and is now a beloved stuffed animal of my children. :-)
    6) White toyota corollas
    7) New Jersey and Nebraska
    8) REESE (that name will always belong to you)
    9) "Boy handwriting" (I remember you would always make fun of your handwriting haha)
    10) Cute skirts (because you always have them!)

  5. Linds~ J'los, USU, Diet Coke, The Island Market, "Rope and Pulley systems," Costco, Hammocks, "Laser Beams," Maple Donuts, trashy jewelry.

    Amber~ Pidge, Escorpio, Muppet's Treasure, Old Buicks, LFO dance parties, My pick guitar, Puppets, San Francisco, Suspish.