Memory Lane

Add a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments. I can't wait to see what people remember.


Red Light Green Light

Do you remember playing red light green light in school? I loved that game! Someone is "it" and they turn their back and say green light and you walk toward them and when they turn back around they say red light and you have to freeze. If you move you lose.

My dad always says that it is the man's job to ask a girl out but it is her job to give him the green light. Well I am struggling with picking out the correct color of green and trying desperately to remember what percentage of men it is that are color blind. My light is defective.

I am anti-crush right? Right! We have been over this a few times already in my blogging career. But that doesn't mean there aren't men out there whom I respect more than others, ones I find more attractive than others, ones that I would be more excited to go out with than others, ones.... I am trying to give a green light to.

I will even admit as I did the other night around the campfire, that up until very recently I maybe even, kinda, sorta, had a small, not a crush, but maybe small squish on someone. For all you guys who are thinking it might be you and to all the ladies who are worried I am squishing on their crush... NO WORRIES! The squish has been squashed! So let's talk about this is broader terms. I.E. not myself.

Maybe our lights are the wrong color of green or maybe they just aren't bright enough.

Now listen close to this. The amount of green lights going off are enough to make it look like spring in mid-December you just have to be able to recognize them. I am more than willing to help you guys cheat at this. I am very good recognizing the lights people are giving off. So if you need help let me know. I'd be more than happy to be your traffic cop. I have helped many a happy couple avoid a collision.

Listen boys, maybe... just maybe boys... you should try taking off your sunglasses. You may be surprised what you see. When the light is green and you move... You don't lose! And if you don't move forward when the light is green someone else is going to get there first and win.


This Post Not G Rated!

If you are easily offended go back to the blog about me being lost and count your blessings.

Conversation I had with a friend last night:

Hey Annie, can I call you back I have to order a pizza?~Boy

What the? You have to order a pizza? ~Me

Yeah it's pizza and trashy tv night. ~Boy

How come we never had pizza and trashy tv night?~Me

Well we were never sleeping together.~Boy


So what happens on new recipe Monday?! Don't answer that!~Me

I Was Not Pleased!

So some friends of mine went camping last night and I drove up with the intention of driving home that night so I could be home in time to get a little sleep in before I worked at 5 the next morning. So around 10:30 last night I decided to head home.

The saddest part of this story is that I felt totally confident in my ability to get myself home.

The way I was suppose to go:

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The way I went in tears, praying for any sign of civilization:

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Other hazards I experienced during the trip:

Very very sleepy
HUGE moth down my shirt
Dodging the construction cones that the drunk man in front of me kept hitting with his truck.
Finally getting on the Highway and it being one lane the entire way home (stupid construction)

Good Juba and my dad

I know I reference my Dad a lot in my blog. I also know I talk about my family in general a ton. Well I really like them.

We have already been over how he is a great cook, how he loves his garden, and how much he likes to go grocery shopping... Today I want to talk about how much he loves good "Juba."

I was uploading some music that he gave me onto my computer today and I had all these memories come flooding back to me. My dad comes out of his bedroom in the morning and will slide into the kitchen singing some song.

For Example:

♪ I love to be home, home where my love lies waiting, home where my musics' playin' ♪
Simon and Garfunkel

♪ I still need you there beside me because I know I'll never find a another you. I could search the whole world over until my life is through, but I know I'll never find another you ♪ Sonny James

♪ For you are beautiful and I have loved you dearly, more dearly than the spoken word can tell ♪

♪ I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down down down and the flames went higher ♪
Johnny Cash

I wish that I could play for you a video of my dad dancing to these songs. You would laugh. I could do my impression of it if you ask real nice though.

I love it when we would go on trips and listen to the Dirt band. I still have to listen to them when I'm on the road. I can still here it:

♪ My Daddy never promised that our blue moon would turn gold but he laid awake nights wishing that it would ♪ NGDB

♪Just because it's painful it doesn't mean it's real, don't understimate love ♪ NGDB

♪ It's great to be a part of something so good that's lasted so long ♪ NGDB

It funny because I grew up listening to that song on a tape dad made from an old record and it skips like half of one of the verses. When I listen to it my mind still skips over than part of the verse because I heard it so many times that way.

I remember mom making dinner and he would come up behind her and put his arms around her and sing a little Billy Joel, ♪ Don't go changing to try and please me, I take you just the way you are ♪

Me and dad use to commute into Pennsylvania together every morning during the summers of high school. One of our favorites was an old Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds songs ♪ Don't pull your love out on me honey, take my heart my soul my money, but don't leave me to drown here in my tears ♪

I remember when me and Katy were really little dad use to put records on and we would dance all around the living room with him. Crazy songs like, ♪ Put the lime in the coconut ♪ Cover of the Rolling Stone ♪ Billy don't be a hero ♪ or ♪ Don't mess around with Jim ♪ We also really liked the song ♪ God Bless the USA ♪ by Lee Greenwood.

I can't end this blog without making a reference to his favorite country song, which will forever be one of my all time favorites too. I remember playing this over and over while we drove through Texas one summer... ♪ Amarillo by Morning, up from San Antone, Everything that I got is just what I've got on. When that sun is high in that Texas sky I'll be bucking at the county fair, Amarillo I'll be there... ♪

Dad, thanks so much for the music and the memories I am uploading to my computer this morning.


Best Date.. Worst Date

Scenario #1
Guy comes to pick me up. He takes me skating on this little pond at a park right below the Logan temple. Then he takes me back to his Apartment and makes me an amazing dinner. We played a couple of games with his roommate and his date when they got home. I won every game!

Scenario #2
He picks me up we go to Wendy's and order off the dollar menu. We go to a huge pet store and spend an hour or more just looking around. Finally we went to a hockey game where I froze and he cheered like crazy for the opposing team. We went back to his place and ate apple jacks from the bag and watched British TV.

So the question is which one of these dates is the best date of my life and which is the worst?

#1 was the worst. The guy had watched me fall on the ice all night and never offered to help me up. Our dinner at his place was awkwardly quiet. And he would get really mad when I would win the games we played. When he dropped me off at the end of the night I said thanks and booked it back to my apartment. He had to sit there while his roommate kissed his date goodnight.

#2 was the best. I loved my Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, and he loved all like 8 of his. I loved that he could be himself with me. On great dates I am normally too happy and excited to eat much anyway and I didn't have to feel bad about it. He could tease me too. He would say things like "I think I can splurge for one more burger," or "You are hot enough to eat two you know." When we went to the pet store he could "protect" me from the snakes and spiders and junk but at the same time show his sweet side when he fell in love with a puppy. I always freeze at hockey games but I don't ever want to wear a sweatshirt (he brought one for me) because I want to be attractive. So that is my own dumb fault. And it's cool he cheered for the other team. It was his alma mater and they were the home team. I loved it that he was enjoying the game as much as me. Finally I love British TV and that things were comfortable enough that we could end the night really by just doing a lot of nothing.

The difference really wasn't in the choice of activities. Scenario #1 really seems much more romantic, and was certainly much more expensive. Dates don't have to be about spending money. They should be about getting to know each other. About seeing if you are compatible when it's just the two of you. And heavens I don't want you to spend a fortune on me. If dating is an interview for eternity then it would be more reassuring to know you are wise with your money. There are so many things you can do without spending any money. Going for a walk is one of my favorites. You can go on a Sunday walk, a hike, a walk downtown and window shop, walk around a flea market, or just your neighborhood.

The other big difference in these dates was the level in which I felt he cared about me. The first guy didn't want to be a gentleman, he didn't want to get to know me, and he couldn't stop thinking about himself enough to be okay with me winning a game. It left me wondering why he even asked.


Photo tagged... get excited!

Here's what you gotta do: Take pictures of the following things just as they are. (no stopping to clean, straighten or to wipe a child's nose): The kitchen sink, the fridge, the toilet, the closet, the laundry room, your favorite shoes, your favorite room, and your kiddies (or pets). No cheating! Then post them on your blog and tag someone else!

My candy jars were raided! No chance to restock! Or apparently to do the dishes.
I posted the inside and outside of my fridge, it's too bad you can't see the picture my little bro drew of me. It is really really scary. There are also a lot of pictures that Katy's clients drew for her and lots of wedding invites.
Oh no I am almost out of Diet Coke! Time to go shopping!
Hayley Tagged me and oddly enough I think we have the same shower curtain! My bathroom is kinda boring. Sorry!
My closet is fairly messy. Shame you can't see the pile of shoes spilling out of the closet.
My laundry room. I am in the middle of doing laundry, blankets from the 4th and swimsuits and towels from the river yesterday. There is an I-Pod player in each room of our house. This one is a lamp too!
My favorite shoes! I couldn't pick! The red ones are my favorite everyday shoes. They go with more than you might think. The heels make me look sexy and well my husker slippers are my very favorite thing to put on my feet ever!
My favorite room is my bedroom because my bed is the most comfy bed in the entire world! I wish I was able to spend more time here but life sure gets in the way of sleep

There we are... My house... Tag! You're it!


A little advice... Not that I know anything... or anything.

I spent a good deal of time last night giving a friend the following advice:

I know it is hard to be a guy in the dating game. You have to make all the moves and although as boys you hate to admit it you are sensitive to rejection.

You have to just go for it! Sorry.

But here is what I told him. A girl who is not interested will not only not give you the time of day but will go out of her way to avoid contact with you. But you are thinking what if we are just good friends? That happens too. Three of my very best friends in the world are guys whom I don't date. But we are good enough friends that we know that and are very comfortable with it. No hurt feelings, in fact I feel safe around them. It is nice to know they can be upfront and honest with me. It is also nice to know I have guys who would literally kill a man who treated me wrong.

So if there is a girl out there you think is hot, or classy, or funny, or adorable, ask her out! If she didn't want to spend time with you she.... well she wouldn't spend time with you.

One more piece of advice:
You need to do the asking because if what you want is a girl with "old fashioned" values. You have to start the relationship with them. If you want a woman who respects you as a man you have to be one from the beginning. You be the boy she'll be the girl. In a world where that is getting so twisted lets treasure it.

And girls... don't go just because you feel bad! That isn't fair to either of you. And don't think one date means he is yours or you are "dating." As my dad put it "it's just means he isn't neutral toward you." If we as girls didn't put so much stock in one date boys might be more willing to take us out on them.. Just a thought.

I ♥ matches!

One of my favorite smells in the whole world is the smell of matches.



In school I spent a good deal of time studying memory and how it works. I could tell you some crazy stuff but right now I just want to focus on one simple thing and that is how strongly memory is tied to smell.

Light a match what does it smell like to you?

Burned wood?

Well that is lame...

To me a match smells like

*24th of July Dutch oven cooking with my mom.
*State Fairs, and the Farris Wheel at night.
*The Vegas strip with friends on spring break
*Concerts, dancing in the front row
*Lighting candles to play truth or TRUTH
*Lolly pants' tin foil dinners
*Christmas candles
*Bonfires in the canyon with my hot pink guitar
*Dad BBQing it up on the deck
*Christmas eve fireworks (the new family tradish)
*Mormon night at the Phillies
*Girl's camp (our was in Nov. so we had lots of fires)
*Gettysburg (they use matches to light the cannons)
*Burning ant hills in the summer cause I thought it was cool
*Bra burning parties in the canyon
*Testimony meeting in green canyon cave
*Roasted starbursts (they are AMAZING)
*Family camping trips (especially Black Water Falls, WV)

Anyway this week spend some time thinking about what memories you recall in response to a smell. Maybe light a match like I did, maybe smell a sample of a favorite perfume or cologne, or bake something that will give you fond memories of childhood. Maybe go out and smell the grass after it is cut. Does the memory of kiss tag and tire swings at recess come to mind? Then Share with me.