A little advice... Not that I know anything... or anything.

I spent a good deal of time last night giving a friend the following advice:

I know it is hard to be a guy in the dating game. You have to make all the moves and although as boys you hate to admit it you are sensitive to rejection.

You have to just go for it! Sorry.

But here is what I told him. A girl who is not interested will not only not give you the time of day but will go out of her way to avoid contact with you. But you are thinking what if we are just good friends? That happens too. Three of my very best friends in the world are guys whom I don't date. But we are good enough friends that we know that and are very comfortable with it. No hurt feelings, in fact I feel safe around them. It is nice to know they can be upfront and honest with me. It is also nice to know I have guys who would literally kill a man who treated me wrong.

So if there is a girl out there you think is hot, or classy, or funny, or adorable, ask her out! If she didn't want to spend time with you she.... well she wouldn't spend time with you.

One more piece of advice:
You need to do the asking because if what you want is a girl with "old fashioned" values. You have to start the relationship with them. If you want a woman who respects you as a man you have to be one from the beginning. You be the boy she'll be the girl. In a world where that is getting so twisted lets treasure it.

And girls... don't go just because you feel bad! That isn't fair to either of you. And don't think one date means he is yours or you are "dating." As my dad put it "it's just means he isn't neutral toward you." If we as girls didn't put so much stock in one date boys might be more willing to take us out on them.. Just a thought.

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  1. Annie!!! I love the post! Glad to see you're doing well!