I ♥ matches!

One of my favorite smells in the whole world is the smell of matches.



In school I spent a good deal of time studying memory and how it works. I could tell you some crazy stuff but right now I just want to focus on one simple thing and that is how strongly memory is tied to smell.

Light a match what does it smell like to you?

Burned wood?

Well that is lame...

To me a match smells like

*24th of July Dutch oven cooking with my mom.
*State Fairs, and the Farris Wheel at night.
*The Vegas strip with friends on spring break
*Concerts, dancing in the front row
*Lighting candles to play truth or TRUTH
*Lolly pants' tin foil dinners
*Christmas candles
*Bonfires in the canyon with my hot pink guitar
*Dad BBQing it up on the deck
*Christmas eve fireworks (the new family tradish)
*Mormon night at the Phillies
*Girl's camp (our was in Nov. so we had lots of fires)
*Gettysburg (they use matches to light the cannons)
*Burning ant hills in the summer cause I thought it was cool
*Bra burning parties in the canyon
*Testimony meeting in green canyon cave
*Roasted starbursts (they are AMAZING)
*Family camping trips (especially Black Water Falls, WV)

Anyway this week spend some time thinking about what memories you recall in response to a smell. Maybe light a match like I did, maybe smell a sample of a favorite perfume or cologne, or bake something that will give you fond memories of childhood. Maybe go out and smell the grass after it is cut. Does the memory of kiss tag and tire swings at recess come to mind? Then Share with me.


  1. Ok so the new blushing cherry blossom from bath and body works totally reminds me of those scented cherry muffins for our dolls, that also smelled like Mrs. Griffin the language arts teacher in 4th grade!

  2. I am glad you wrote this! Smells are such a huge trigger for memories for me and I'm glad to find out I'm not the only one.

  3. Matches, eh? My first thought was "pyro!" :)

    I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who was so into scents as you. When you get married, I'm buying your husband like a full gallon of cologne.