Red Light Green Light

Do you remember playing red light green light in school? I loved that game! Someone is "it" and they turn their back and say green light and you walk toward them and when they turn back around they say red light and you have to freeze. If you move you lose.

My dad always says that it is the man's job to ask a girl out but it is her job to give him the green light. Well I am struggling with picking out the correct color of green and trying desperately to remember what percentage of men it is that are color blind. My light is defective.

I am anti-crush right? Right! We have been over this a few times already in my blogging career. But that doesn't mean there aren't men out there whom I respect more than others, ones I find more attractive than others, ones that I would be more excited to go out with than others, ones.... I am trying to give a green light to.

I will even admit as I did the other night around the campfire, that up until very recently I maybe even, kinda, sorta, had a small, not a crush, but maybe small squish on someone. For all you guys who are thinking it might be you and to all the ladies who are worried I am squishing on their crush... NO WORRIES! The squish has been squashed! So let's talk about this is broader terms. I.E. not myself.

Maybe our lights are the wrong color of green or maybe they just aren't bright enough.

Now listen close to this. The amount of green lights going off are enough to make it look like spring in mid-December you just have to be able to recognize them. I am more than willing to help you guys cheat at this. I am very good recognizing the lights people are giving off. So if you need help let me know. I'd be more than happy to be your traffic cop. I have helped many a happy couple avoid a collision.

Listen boys, maybe... just maybe boys... you should try taking off your sunglasses. You may be surprised what you see. When the light is green and you move... You don't lose! And if you don't move forward when the light is green someone else is going to get there first and win.


  1. Ha ha ha. I love the way you write Annie. You are quite talented at the humorous anecdote. I still want to know who your squashed squish was, by the way. :) I think my problem must be color blind boys. They all think my red is green and my green is red. :S

  2. You're torturing yourself! It's silly to expect men to know when you want to be asked out. If you're interested in someone, and he's not asking you, then by all means, ask him! That's something they can actually recognize as interest!

  3. PS. Cute blog background :-)