I would like to repeal my anti-crush statements

I posted an earlier blog about why I am anti-crush. However, I currently have a crush! Crushes are fun! Yes I said it.

I broke my long tradition a few months ago. I couldn't help it. I wanted so bad to not have a crush but he had the cutest little naughty smile I could barely stand it. Unfortunately he doesn't show much interest. I have already moved on and we are friends so no worries.

Then just a couple of weeks ago I found that there was a gentleman that I couldn't help but be attracted to. Yes please! But here is the thing... I have learned that I just have to keep it in check. If I just have a sweet little fun crush then when I find we are just friends it is no big deal. But in the mean time when I catch his eye across a room that is super fun too.

I think I have found the perfect balance. If you have a little crush or "squish", then when things go south you have no problems being friends. In the mean time you still have someone to get excited about. Someone to give you that little flutter in your stomach. Cause, come on, a girl needs to have something to get excited about once in awhile.


My life is ruined

My ipod broke, my life is over. Steven says it isn't he said my life is apple pie. Sometimes crunchy, sometimes sour, but all over delicious! I also told him to marry me tonight and he totally turned me down! I am pretty broken up about it. There go all my hopes and dreams.


The sexiest man alive!

Of course the lines were crazy long at Wal-mart today. They always are when you are buying something like a JUMBO package of toilet paper. (Why do we always run out on Sundays?)Anyway I was standing in one of those twenty items or less lanes so there weren't even any trashy magazine covers to read and all 7 people in front of me had at least 40 items. But wait this story has a happy ending because I left Wal-mart with a smile and feeling good about life and the basic good in others.

It was a small thing but there were two very attractive young men goofing off in a line in front of me. One of them saw an elderly lady standing at the end of one of these lines with only a couple of things in her hands. (She was also behind 7 or 8 people with 100 items or less in their carts). He went over and got her attention and offered her their place in line. She took it gratefully and was the next one to be rung up and out the door. I heart good people and even more so I heart boys who remember once in a while how to be men. Those two boys were the sexiest men alive today. Thank you for showing me they still exist.


My daddy can fix anything!

My dad could probably only beat up about half of your dads. But let me tell you something my dad can do. He can fix anything. My poor dad has to deal with more than the average dad because my mom is temporarily without her body. So he gets more than the how do I change a tire call he also gets the how do I fix my life call. But he is good at fixing both situations.

Today the door of my car was frozen shut and at 5:30 in the morning I was already having a bad day and did not want to deal with it so instead of being gentle. I Yanked on it as hard as I could and it opened right up. Which unfortunately lead to it not latching shut so I drove to and from work shifting, steering, and holding my door shut. One call to dad this afternoon and he has a quick fix that worked like a charm. (The guys at work told me to duct tape it and permanently get in from the passenger side. Because that would be hot.)

*He could always get the chain back on my bike and the tire pumped back up... fixed and on the road again.
*When I used 2 cups of butter instead of 2 Tablespoon of butter to make donuts... not fixed but he ate one... confidence fixed.
*I was often sentenced to my room for an indefinite amount of time... or until Dad got home... He is was great at negotiating my release...fixed.
*When all I wanted to do was get rid of all my debt he stepped in and helped me figure out a plan... fixed.
*I called him after my last super bad date... He got me to stop crying... Fixed
*He went with me to the hospital after I jumped off the cliff and landed on it... He had me laughing through "minor surgery"... fixed.
*He told me what to say to the ladies at the clinic when they billed the insurance incorrectly... Hopefully fixed soon.
*I told him I needed more money back on my taxes and I was consulting my "tax professional"... extra cash on it's way from Uncle Sam... fixed.
*I was driving a 92 Honda civic across Wyoming alone when it began to overheat. Alone and stranded in the desert, only able to talk to him occasionally on my cell, I made it safely to school... fixed.
*Just having a bad cruddy day in general... One bite of daddy's chicken wings... fixed.

Seriously anything I call him with, whether it is a weird sound my car is making, or a sad moment my heart is feeling he just fixes it right up and has me back on the road in no time. My Dad can fix anything!


Things my mom taught me against my will

To say I'm sorry:
I HATED it when she would make me hug my sister and tell her that I was sorry. One because it was embarrassing, two because the sibling would typically gloat after, and three I very rarely meant it.

To dive:
I still remember literally hours of kneeling at the edge of the pool with my hands pointed above my head rocking back and forth trying to get the courage to do the dive my mom wanted me to do. I am not sure she cared that much about diving but I do know my mom is stubborn and wasn't going to give up on me. I ended up making the dive and enjoying it, but I had to be bribed first.

To be tough:
I was scared to death of my horse when I was on the ground, and she knew it. If mom and I were trying to catch her she always made a run right toward me and I always got the heck out of the way... and boy did I ever hear about it! If I had my way, as a child, I would have band-aided up most of my body on a regular basis. "Oh cowboy up" became a popular phrase. Don't get me wrong when we were sick or really hurt mom was awesome at taking care of us and nurturing us back to health, but cowboy up was a frequent remedy for many wounds.

To be patient:
She taught me to sew, and at the age of 11 I made my first quilt. I was not allowed to piece any of those squares together though until they had passed her inspection. I spent half of that year, it seemed, with a seam ripper in hand. I still have that quilt. Most importantly I sew well and enjoy it now, and if I ever have daughters I am sure they will come to have the same intimate relationship with there own seam ripper.

To say thank you:
There was a rule. A rule that I did not heart and that was if I didn't say thank you then I didn't get to keep whatever it was I should have said thank you for. I remember being pretty bitter about a happy meal toy for quite some time.

Not to embarrass easily:
I know it is hard to imagine that a mom could embarrass her daughters but mom sure managed to do it from time to time. Mostly by hitting on men at the store or singing the wrong words to songs at the top of her lungs. I learned to get over it real early in life and Katy and I and the rest of us began to join in. From time to time Katy and I even embarrassed her. One of the last things I ever did with her was to go to a concert. We both sang as loud as we could and danced like crazy (literally) on the front row. Then we rolled the windows down and the radio up and hit on lots of boys on the way home.

To trust in Heavenly Father:
This is one I was taught not through her necessarily, but through the loss of her. How else do you pick up and move on and start living again? You have to know somehow, sometime it is all going to be alright again. I may have figured this out on my own but her example of learning to trust in him sure helped me to be able to face life without questioning his plans for it.


cure for emo days

The other day I was feeling a little sad and Wade said that it is okay cause we all have EMO days once in a while. I was thinking of the things that make me feel better no matter what is going wrong in my life. I am a little ashamed of how many of these will probably be food.

1. Spicy Cheetos
2. A sincere and unexpected compliment from a friend
3. Any song by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
4. Chinese Food
5. Talking to my dad
6. A hot shower with my Ipod up really loud
7. Cooking with my Ipod up really loud
8. Going for a drive with my Ipod up really loud
9. Going home and putting on my comfy pants
10. A good workout
11. When Jarom tells me a story
12. Any time spent with my family
13. Scripture Study
14. Swinging at the park
15. A nice long walk or bike ride
16. Taking pictures
17. A weekend at Lolly or Lindsay's place
18. When a new magazine comes in the mail
19. Finding something that was lost
20. When the dishes are done
21. Falling asleep in front of the fire at Lindsey's house
22. My dog (she has been known to have the opposite effect as well)
23. New socks
24. A Killer clearance sale
25. Coloring in my Precious Moments coloring book


Wade O and our BFF blogs

My friend Wade texted me tonight to let me know that he posted his first blog. He wanted to know if there was a way for our blogs to be best friends. Haha. Anyway you can read his inagural blog from the link in the blog list that says Wade O or by using the address below.

P.S. I call him Wade O cause O is his middle initial. His last name actually starts with an S.

USU 4th ward

In recent events in my area of the country I have been shifted to a new singles branch. But the good news is none of us are moving so we still get to be friends and I get to have a new adventure. In college I moved from ward to ward frequently, because well I moved a ton. But every new ward I went to there were new people,and tons and tons of good times. I was reminiscing the other day about one of the best wards ever.

*I met one of my BFFs Rose when she went with me to the emergency room on that fatal ward Ski night. She made me laugh when I was in tons and tons of pain and understood that I didn't want the hot ski instructor to find out I was hurt. She also found very attractive men to carry me to the car.

*Hottie Darrin Humphrey's was in that ward. He drove a huge creepy can with racing strips that was cool because well... Hottie Darrin Humphreys drove it. He was forget your name hot. I ran into him recently though and I could totally remember my name this time around.

*One time this girl did this really awkard version of Santa Baby for the ward talent show. It was basically a lap dance and it was really really awkward.

*The girl who taught Relief Society ALWAYS brought in HUGE center pieces. Like the kind that barely fit on the table and she would pass them around. The most memorable was when she had us pass around these supper long wild rose branches and they were scraping up everyone's hands.

*Bro Ewing was quoted as saying "Bishop made me ride gay bob."

*Bishop had a horse named gay bob.

*There was a guy who always wrote really really bad poems for testimony meeting. I wonder if he knew they were no good?

* Hot Cowboy justin. This is where learned the lip trick. He use to do it all the time on the stand and I could barely handle it. The lip trick is a topic for another post though.

*Caleb was the best looking and sweetest southern gentleman. When he would call me Miss Annie I could barely handle it. We had oceanography together. He called it Oceanfreakingsuicideology. It would have been the most boring class of my life if it hadn't been for him. He could make ANYTHING pertaining to the ocean sound dirty.

*Mr Sanchez. I don't want to use his full name here because I am going to tell you he took me on the most awkward date of my life. Then when my roommate broke the news to him he said that was fine because he had a girlfriend already. When he asks me out again the next week I tell him I heard he had a girlfriend. He hangs up. He calls me the next week and asks me for a job. I file his app in the do not hire folder and ask him how his girlfriend is.



I always feel like a hobo when I leave the house in the mornings on thursday. The basics I have when leaving the house are:

1. My purse
2. My gym bag
3. My lunch (which doesn't fit in my purse)
4. My institute bag (with scriptures, notebooks, etc)
5. My knitting bag (for something quiet to do when i sit with clients)

When I walk out of the door with all these bags I feel as though all I am missing is a sign that says God bless or my airplane itinerary and photo ID. All of these are large bags and I wonder what the neighbor, who watches me out of the crack in her blinds, thinks I am doing with all these bags. I don't see how it could be so interesting or why she opens the crack in her blinds an extra inch on thursdays.