USU 4th ward

In recent events in my area of the country I have been shifted to a new singles branch. But the good news is none of us are moving so we still get to be friends and I get to have a new adventure. In college I moved from ward to ward frequently, because well I moved a ton. But every new ward I went to there were new people,and tons and tons of good times. I was reminiscing the other day about one of the best wards ever.

*I met one of my BFFs Rose when she went with me to the emergency room on that fatal ward Ski night. She made me laugh when I was in tons and tons of pain and understood that I didn't want the hot ski instructor to find out I was hurt. She also found very attractive men to carry me to the car.

*Hottie Darrin Humphrey's was in that ward. He drove a huge creepy can with racing strips that was cool because well... Hottie Darrin Humphreys drove it. He was forget your name hot. I ran into him recently though and I could totally remember my name this time around.

*One time this girl did this really awkard version of Santa Baby for the ward talent show. It was basically a lap dance and it was really really awkward.

*The girl who taught Relief Society ALWAYS brought in HUGE center pieces. Like the kind that barely fit on the table and she would pass them around. The most memorable was when she had us pass around these supper long wild rose branches and they were scraping up everyone's hands.

*Bro Ewing was quoted as saying "Bishop made me ride gay bob."

*Bishop had a horse named gay bob.

*There was a guy who always wrote really really bad poems for testimony meeting. I wonder if he knew they were no good?

* Hot Cowboy justin. This is where learned the lip trick. He use to do it all the time on the stand and I could barely handle it. The lip trick is a topic for another post though.

*Caleb was the best looking and sweetest southern gentleman. When he would call me Miss Annie I could barely handle it. We had oceanography together. He called it Oceanfreakingsuicideology. It would have been the most boring class of my life if it hadn't been for him. He could make ANYTHING pertaining to the ocean sound dirty.

*Mr Sanchez. I don't want to use his full name here because I am going to tell you he took me on the most awkward date of my life. Then when my roommate broke the news to him he said that was fine because he had a girlfriend already. When he asks me out again the next week I tell him I heard he had a girlfriend. He hangs up. He calls me the next week and asks me for a job. I file his app in the do not hire folder and ask him how his girlfriend is.


  1. I love your last statement here! You are the bomb Annie!

  2. Oh my. I loved the 4th ward too. I totally forgot about some of these people. Santa Baby :). Then there was Lane, Ben, Joe and Zach the house of hoes. It's were the Dewey adventures started and the girl teaching Sunday school who said she was handicapped because she use to suffer from depression. On man...good times!

  3. I want to know about the lick trick!!!