Real Crisis

9:04 am 
J: Annie isn't it a little early for a Diet Coke?
A: I've had a rough morning!
J: Why?
A: My phone is broken and I can't text Zac!
J: Wait.... Umm... Are you going to cry?
A: You better believe it!

12:37 pm
*My day got worse. So bad in fact that my boss was hugging me while I cried a little. I suppose I am being taught what crisis really looks like. I have to be better about keeping things in perspective. I hate having to learn and relearn this lesson.



Sometimes you need a little escape.

A time to not worry about even one little thing.

My Megs was heading to Vegas for a conference and asked if I wanted to come along. “Hotel is paid for” she told me. All I had to do was get there.
I have been to Vegas a ton now. It is only a 5 hour (or so) drive and it is warm and wonderful. So it wasn't exactly a new adventure, but it was..

I arrived there Saturday afternoon just in time to pick her up from the airport. We headed straight out to Fremont Street to eat at my favorite Vegas dive, The Kabob Korner. So delicious I can barely handle it. Then a trip across the street to my favorite Vegas dollar store, where we stock up on all kinds of horribly tacky costume jewelry. Like really seriously tacky. Then onto Fremont street to people watch, and dance.

The great thing about Vegas, and the worst, is that no one has any inhibitions. I love dancing on Fremont because it doesn't matter how silly you look, someone will look sillier. And maybe you will look up and realize that an attractive cowboy is videoing your entire Britney routine. Yikes! But it is okay because he also got the little old lady in a pink sweat suit totally getting into the Justin Timberlake cover.

We shared our floor of the hotel/casino with a French Tourist Group. One evening we also shared the pool. This is apparently how the French enjoy 95 degree evenings.
We found a 7-11 off strip with normal people prices so we could meet Megs’ late night slurpee needs on a daily basis and next door was this establishment.
Now we all know what that sign means right? 179 dollars and you can move in. But for some reason I was confused. I thought it said 179 moves (like dance moves), You in? (like are you going to join the dance party?) Megan laughed at me for a awhile. But I mean it is Vegas, so I feel like my interpretation works too.
I spent literally all day at the pool reading. Don’t worry I brought sunscreen. I finished two books and listened to lots of interesting podcasts. Megs and I helped a very large, scary, man look for his kitty in the casino parking lot. Me made fun of her friend Scott a lot, we Laughed A LOT. 

Once Megan was done at class she would meet me by the pool for a quick nap and then we would look through our Vegas magazine to find somewhere fun and exciting for dinner. We had a toffee pudding at an Irish Pub that was the greatest dessert I have had so far in my life.
Seriously ask Megan! Except that this picture is her eating bread pudding at the buffet at our hotel. 

Oh and did I tell you about the time my car was stolen in Vegas? False alarm but a great story you should ask us about. Oh my. I have learned that Megan is a really great travel companion. She is super relaxed, goes with the flow, is up for anything or nothing, and laughs when you are sure your car was stolen. 

Thanks Megan! I miss you already. 


Crashing His Party

*I am kind of freaking out right now.
*Is this a call you in the morning freak out or I need to leave dinner freak out?
*Tomorrow would be fine.
*<3 p="">
*<3 p="">
This was the song on the radio.... ironically, and it got me thinking. 
The other day this song was on in my car and someone said “Is it bad that I don’t feel this way about my boyfriend?” Yikes girl.

We all need a drop everything friend. 


The Mother's Day Post

In the middle of the night, when I am thinking about things, I always come up with ideas I want to blog about. I'm getting better at realizing which ones I'll desperately want to delete first thing in the morning when I've come to my senses. So this will be short.

I still haven't decided if more stressful things just happen to me this time of year, or if I develop a mind set that allows normal things to feel more stressful. Either way I am feeling it.

I've been struggling lately with a few things that leave my heart aching and broken. It's a horrible cycle you know. An aching heart makes you need your mom. Then you become more aware that she isn't here. Then your heart aches all the more.

I really hate this holiday and I know I shouldn't. Everything on TV, in the stores, on billboards, in talks at church, are reminders of how important and essential moms are. It's like the world is screaming at me ”look what you don't have! Seriously everyone has one but you.” It's super sweet when people say ”come to family dinner with me, you can share mine.” But really it just makes it that much harder and all I'm hearing is ”come see how good i've got it.”

Sometimes I post these great things about how great she is. How I know she's mine forever. How I know The Lord is compensating me. How I know she is around me all the time. I've even had some really cool experiences lately in regard to that. But this time around, tonight, tomorrow even... I just feel an amazing horrible emptiness.

And that's ok.


Be Prepared

Is anyone else's day a little worse when you forget to wear earrings? 

I keep an emergency pair in my car just in case. 

A lady has to be prepared for all eventualities. 



”If you are kissing a real life man on your couch and you aren't feeling even a fraction of the butterflies Mr. Thornton gives you at the end of North and South... it's probably not going to work out.” ~ Me.

I Said All of the Following...

at work this week....

"Stop right there, I am trying to smell you."

"I need a man in my office right NOW."

"If one more thing goes wrong today I am going to start crying."
(I actually laughed hysterically when something else went horribly wrong just a moment later.)

"It is a three Diet Coke kind of day."

"No that is not my lunch, those are snacks. Chubby girls need snacks at our desks!"

"Nothing says romance like a large to-go order of Carne Asada fries."

"Oh he is my sexy friend."