Niceness day 1

So yesterday I joined the campaign for niceness. I am LOVING it! I have too many examples from today to post here,so I'll share my favorite. I was standing in line at the Deli counter at the grocery store. The line was long and the employee behind the counter seemed to be having a day that felt twice as long. Anyway this sweet older lady comes up to the counter and says she is so sorry but does he have any idea where she can find some cheese Tortellinis. He had no idea and she was like "oh dear" and I thought she might cry.

I was just thinking about how I had been in line forever when I remembered that I was working on being nice. I also happened to know where the frozen Tortellini are because I have a favorite recipe that uses them. I swear I buy them at least twice a month. I tried to explain to the lady where they were and she said she had looked there, so I got out of line and walked over with her to where they were. I showed her all four brands and told her which one worked the best. I got back in line, got my chicken and headed home. I was seriously out of time and super tired but I am hoping that I honestly helped someone who was feeling that way even more so than myself.


Operation Nice

I overhead someone saying something mean about one of my friends. It made me very sad but instead of making the situation worse I came home and wrote down ten nice things about the person he mentioned negatively and ten nice things about him as well. I have a really hard time with people who are negative. I would hope that we would realize that we all have weaknesses and that hopefully we are all getting better everyday. I would also hope that my friends would overlook my weaknesses and love me anyway because no one is more aware of my flaws than me and believe it or not I am already working on them. So I will do for my friends what I expect of them. In my mind this is what makes a good friend.

I came home and was looking at the facebook profile of the guy who used to sit next to me in Spanish. He was and still is a VERY attractive man. The kind that is too hot to really talk to but I remember that he was one of the first people to be kind to me on my first day in a new school. I walked into class on the first day and fell down. Even as hot as he was he helped me up and showed me to my next class. Tonight on his profile he had this.

I was interested so I looked into it. It is just a bunch of people trying to spread niceness. I would love to be a part of this... and now I am. With a new commitment to being nice. Tonight was a big step for me guys. Because I realized that what I was upset about I am guilty of as well. It stops here.


A Day of Mourning

Today I am mourning the loss of a dear friend. I met him in college. I mean I had known others like him but he completed me in a way no one else could. He was was a comfort to me through all the hard times I faced. No matter what went wrong in my life there he was to remind me that some things never change and some things will always be there for you.

This morning I woke up thinking this was going to be a morning no different from any others. Boy was I wrong. I went to reheat some left over friend rice from last night and decided that it needed a little something more. So I went to the cupboard to visit my old friend.

I then realized that my jumbo kerosene jug of Kikkoman soy sauce was empty. I would just like to say goodbye to my old friend. I hope he knows how much I loved him.

Too funny

I am totally copying this from Katy's blog but we have been watching it all weekend and can't stop laughing.

I am so excited for American Idol this year! I want Zac to try out so I can go with him and tell Simon that I am in love with him. Or I should have gone down to SLC to see Imari audition and maybe I could have snuck in.

It's not even fair that she gets a hug from Simon.


Overheard conversation

I heard one half of this phone conversation at work today. I laughed for a good ten minutes about it. Poor woman I would have loved to have heard both sides of this conversation.

Guy: Hey I was calling to check on my son.
Guy: His Name is Buster.
Guy: You are taking away his manhood today.
Guy: I dropped him off this morning, I know he is there.
Guy: This is the vet by the Chevron right?
Guy: Oh sorry wrong number.

I may be crazy

Last night I had a dream in which I had decided to get a tattoo to cover a little freckle on my foot. Anyway in the dream the lady screwed up and cut the tip of my toe off and it kinda melted onto the other one. Okay, odd I know, but what was really odd is that when I woke up I was convinced that it was real and I was too scared to check because I thought if I touched it that it would hurt really bad. So I literally sat in bed for like three minutes this morning working up the courage to check and see if my toe was really melted. But no worries it is totally intact.

I then spend most of the morning thinking about what tattoo I would really get if I wasn't opposed to that sort of thing.


Dr. Mosely Is In

People like to ask if they can come over and visit Mosely. Funny thing is every single one of these people that come over to see her end up discussing with us some huge thing that they have on their mind. Maybe it is just the therapeutic nature of petting her super soft fur. But if you have something you need to get off your chest, make an appointment with Dr. Mosely and come on over. I can tell you from experience that she is a very good listener and a perfect secret keeper.


I cried at work today

I should have known it was going to be a bad day today when there were no spicy cheetos in the vending machine at work. A1 completely empty, bad sign. I guess waking up to my dog throwing up also should have been a sign that today was not going to be
the stuff poetry is made of.

Here's how the rest of the day went:

1. Got 6 voicemails from some random number. All the voicemails had some guy screaming in Spanish.

2. Someone threw away and/or ate the amazing lunch I brought to work today and was looking forward to eating most of the day.

3. I didn't have time to make myself hot chocolate this morning.

4. I dropped my phone on my foot and I wanted to swear.

5.The guy I share my second office with freaked out because I doodled on the calender on the desk while I was on hold with a vendor. Apparently that combined with my sweater on the back of the chair are making it a girl office and that made him mad enough to swear and yell at me.

6. I tried to text zac and got no response

7. Someone stole my morning paper.

8. Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority called and told me that my student loan payment is 30 days past due and they are reporting it. I checked and it has posted to my checking account so I am going to be on the phone with them for hours this afternoon. In the mean time they have called me four more times today threatening to destroy my credit and run over my dog if I don't make a payment today.

9. I tried to escape to Kimmie's office for a few minutes. But she had the worst gas ever and her office had literally become a gas chamber.


Sunday Morning Comics

I have to subscribe to my two favorite comics online because my local paper doesn't publish them. This morning this one made me laugh out loud! I think bucky (the cat) has a rather good idea.

This one made me laugh as well but more in the "oh man am I pig?" sort of way.

I also think pig has an idea I could get on board with.


Crazy Eights

I decided to do this one because I never do them, I love to read them, and my friend Michelle tagged me so here it goes...

Eight TV shows I love to watch

1. American Idol
2. The Office
3. CSI
4. CSI: NY
5. Without a Trace
6. How It's Made
7. Dirty Jobs
8. The Mentalist

Eight things that happened to me yesterday

1. Had a panic attack when the deposit was 11000 dollars short.
2. Had Taco Bell for lunch because I didn't care anymore.
3. Realized the deposit wasn't short after all.
4. Sent a friend a message to try and undo an odd situation.
5. Played with my littlest siblings and my dog.
6. Ordered pizza with my stepmom.
7. Thought about vacuuming.
8. Chatted with my dad on facebook about french kissing.

Eight favorite places to eat

1. I'll give you one guess... Formosa, Logan
2. Joy Tsin Lau, Race street Philadelphia
3. Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia
4. The Pupusaria, Lexington
5. Happy Sushi, Logan
6. The Thai House, Idaho Falls
7. Crown Burger, Layton or SLC
8. Cafe Rio, Utah

Eight things I am looking forward to

1. Sleep
2. Lolly Pants hot chocolate
3. Christmas
4. Having a working washing machine
5. Watching last weeks episode of The Office
6. My bro coming home from his mission in one year
7. My three other bros serving missions
8. Not having to date anymore

Eight things on my wish list

1. My dog to be cleansed of her bad habits
2. My Bffs to live closer to me
3. More to do at work
4. Ability to talk to my mom
5. Finish my internship
6. Pay off my student loan
7. More time
8. A truck

Eight people I tag

1. Anyone who wants to do this, but especially...
2. Pappy
3. Ann
4. Katy
5. Christie
6. Sarah
7. Michelle Schmidt
8. Kent


Halloweenie Roast and a weak stomach!

My friend Lolly is back in Utah and I am so excited! I left work early friday and headed to Logan to go to the Halloweenie roast with her.

Mike told us his friend had secret gourmet hot dogs and so when Lolly asked for them this guy pulled an entire package out of his pants! Lolly roasted them up for us and they were AMAZING!

We also went on a little walk through their haunted barn! It was so much fun and a little bit spooky. We thought the huge corkscrew in the head was... awesome!

We also went on a hayride that was super awesome! This little old lady walked along with us and told us stories and I got to be curled up under a blanket with my new secret lover. He told me he would give me a baby and it started to snow... Good times at the Halloweenie roast!

Then we drove back to ogden and fell asleep still encased in the smell of smoke. We woke up early to run to Salt Lake and see my stepmom and two smallest siblings. My stepmom was going to cut my hair and feed me biscuits and gravy. I told Lolly we were going to go to SLC and chow down like truckers!.. and we did! It was so good.

Then zac called and said his family canceled going to lagoon cause it was raining. I told Zac to get his butt to Ogden anyway so I could see his ugly face! So he braved the storm and came down.

Me, him, and Lolly decided to see the movie City of Ember, which we totally hearted even though there were no attractive people in it. While Zac was getting popcorn I ran to the bathroom and heard this conversation in front of the bathroom between a dad and his little girl... "No baby you have to go in the other bathroom." "Oh right daddy, cause I don't have a package, huh?" Also while back in line for popcorn we realized we were totally in front of real live Mean Girls. I could not believe people really talked like that. I wanted to turn around and say something really mean to them. But I am sure I was not dressed well enough for them to have taken me seriously.

We went shopping and had Cafe Rio for lunch. When I paid for my lunch the guy asked me for some ID and I told him that would be fine as long as he realized I was going to be much hotter than my ID picture as soon as I stopped eating things like this. He, being the smart man that he is said "NO you are so beautiful now." Thank you mister Cafe Rio man. You inspire me!

We called my friend Rose up and told her I was in town and to get her trash over to Lolly's Apartment. Her and her Sister Denise came in and me and lolly were laying on her bed so they joined us. We had just gotten the internet to work in her apartment when the sisters walked in smelling of roast beef. Have I mentioned before I have a weak stomach when it comes to smells? So I rolled off the bed and was trying hard to keep my Cafe Rio down. But it didn't work. I tried to crawl back in the room once in awhile to check on them. During one of my excursions back into the room Rose said "Don't you like roast beef?" "Ummm yeah but not in bed!" I replied. Yikes! When I finally came back in the room I COATED them with body spray.

Over all the weekend was amazing! I forgot how much I missed Lolly pants and it is good to see her so happy again! I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt most of the weekend. I can not believe I was blessed enough to spend the weekend with two of my very best friends!


Branch Temple Night

So tonight was branch temple night and I had been looking forward to it all day. I even skipped the dinner I would normally eat much earlier in the evening so I could enjoy dinner at the temple with the branch.

However I spent two hours fighting with the bank because they won't stop charging me for bill pay. A service which I do not use and did not sign up for. After two hours of fighting I had the 41.70 back in my account. I guess they wanted me to earn it. But I still had to get ready for the temple and I was running late at this point. So I threw a skirt on, changed my Ipod to church music and was on the road.

Half way there I seriously almost got in a huge car accident. I had to swerve off the road to avoid the collision of my life and my heart was racing. But I was still late and so off I was again. Now speeding, heart racing, and shaking uncontrollably. A few minutes later I pass a cop. I look down and realize I am going 55 in a 35. But instead of slowing down I thought to myself. "Oh crap, dad sent me my new insurance cards and I haven't put them in my car yet!" So I reach for my purse to check and see if I put them in there while I was thinking about it and I realize... I don't have my wallet, which means I don't have my recommend.

So I call my roommate and ask her if maybe she can grab my recommend and bring it to me at the temple. But when she answers the phone, I for some reason can't ask her to do it so I say I'll be home soon, I call my sister and tell her not to wait for me, and I head home.

I call a friend on the way home and pour out my woes. Apparently my friend had just had a horribly bad day and was praying that their night wouldn't be spent alone. So I headed on over to find my friend literally in tears of gratitude for my company. I guess that in the end I was suppose to do something else and I am grateful I could be the answer to someones prayers tonight.


Uncle Buck Pancakes

Me and Christie decided we wanted to make Uncle Buck Pancakes.
If anyone needs to be a part of this just let us know!
P.S. You want to be a part of this! 


Philadelphia Temple

I was pretty excited today when the announced a temple in Cordoba, Argentina. My daddy served his mission there. The area that was the Cordoba mission then, is something like 4 or 5 missions now. I was thinking how would that feel to be a part of that kind of growth.

Then they announced a temple in Philadelphia, PA. I know we mostly claim Nebraska as our home now that our family lives there but I didn't leave the Philadelphia area until I was 18. Philadelphia is my favorite city in the world!

I remember sitting in the little warehouse we met in for church and wondering if we would ever have a church building to meet in. So when our Stake president promised us a temple in our life time I had a hard time grasping the concept.

I can't imagine a better place for a temple. I love the city of Brotherly Love!

My mom was a history major when she was going to school at Widener in Chester, PA. So we went to every historical site known to man on the east coast. You name it I have been there, had my picture taken, and had a crush on the man reenacting some revolutionary war hero.

You know that sacred feeling you have when you are in the sacred grove or really anywhere in Kirtland or Nauvoo? The feeling is no different when you stand on battlefields in Gettysburg or in Independence Hall.

I would like to share one memory... We were sitting in THIS room while a historian recounted a story that made an impression on me.

During the constitutional convention Dr. Franklin, looking towards the president's chair, at the back of which a rising sun happened to be painted, and observed to a few members near him, that painters had found it difficult to distinguish in their art a rising sun from a setting sun. "I have," said he, "often in the course of this session and the vicissitude of my hopes and fears as to its issue, looked at that behind the president without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting: But now at length I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting sun."

For many years my family never missed a Fourth of July Mormon night at the Phillies. It is some of my favorite memories. After the game you get to go sit out on the field and watch the best firework show.

So now in the city of Brotherly Love, the city where the Declaration of Independence as well as the constitution were signed there will be a temple. Now you can have Mormon night IN Philly most any night you want. Except Sunday, oh and Monday.

I too Brother Franklin see that the sun is rising.