Branch Temple Night

So tonight was branch temple night and I had been looking forward to it all day. I even skipped the dinner I would normally eat much earlier in the evening so I could enjoy dinner at the temple with the branch.

However I spent two hours fighting with the bank because they won't stop charging me for bill pay. A service which I do not use and did not sign up for. After two hours of fighting I had the 41.70 back in my account. I guess they wanted me to earn it. But I still had to get ready for the temple and I was running late at this point. So I threw a skirt on, changed my Ipod to church music and was on the road.

Half way there I seriously almost got in a huge car accident. I had to swerve off the road to avoid the collision of my life and my heart was racing. But I was still late and so off I was again. Now speeding, heart racing, and shaking uncontrollably. A few minutes later I pass a cop. I look down and realize I am going 55 in a 35. But instead of slowing down I thought to myself. "Oh crap, dad sent me my new insurance cards and I haven't put them in my car yet!" So I reach for my purse to check and see if I put them in there while I was thinking about it and I realize... I don't have my wallet, which means I don't have my recommend.

So I call my roommate and ask her if maybe she can grab my recommend and bring it to me at the temple. But when she answers the phone, I for some reason can't ask her to do it so I say I'll be home soon, I call my sister and tell her not to wait for me, and I head home.

I call a friend on the way home and pour out my woes. Apparently my friend had just had a horribly bad day and was praying that their night wouldn't be spent alone. So I headed on over to find my friend literally in tears of gratitude for my company. I guess that in the end I was suppose to do something else and I am grateful I could be the answer to someones prayers tonight.

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  1. That's a really cool post. Heavenly Father really does look after us. :)