Niceness day 1

So yesterday I joined the campaign for niceness. I am LOVING it! I have too many examples from today to post here,so I'll share my favorite. I was standing in line at the Deli counter at the grocery store. The line was long and the employee behind the counter seemed to be having a day that felt twice as long. Anyway this sweet older lady comes up to the counter and says she is so sorry but does he have any idea where she can find some cheese Tortellinis. He had no idea and she was like "oh dear" and I thought she might cry.

I was just thinking about how I had been in line forever when I remembered that I was working on being nice. I also happened to know where the frozen Tortellini are because I have a favorite recipe that uses them. I swear I buy them at least twice a month. I tried to explain to the lady where they were and she said she had looked there, so I got out of line and walked over with her to where they were. I showed her all four brands and told her which one worked the best. I got back in line, got my chicken and headed home. I was seriously out of time and super tired but I am hoping that I honestly helped someone who was feeling that way even more so than myself.

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