Halloweenie Roast and a weak stomach!

My friend Lolly is back in Utah and I am so excited! I left work early friday and headed to Logan to go to the Halloweenie roast with her.

Mike told us his friend had secret gourmet hot dogs and so when Lolly asked for them this guy pulled an entire package out of his pants! Lolly roasted them up for us and they were AMAZING!

We also went on a little walk through their haunted barn! It was so much fun and a little bit spooky. We thought the huge corkscrew in the head was... awesome!

We also went on a hayride that was super awesome! This little old lady walked along with us and told us stories and I got to be curled up under a blanket with my new secret lover. He told me he would give me a baby and it started to snow... Good times at the Halloweenie roast!

Then we drove back to ogden and fell asleep still encased in the smell of smoke. We woke up early to run to Salt Lake and see my stepmom and two smallest siblings. My stepmom was going to cut my hair and feed me biscuits and gravy. I told Lolly we were going to go to SLC and chow down like truckers!.. and we did! It was so good.

Then zac called and said his family canceled going to lagoon cause it was raining. I told Zac to get his butt to Ogden anyway so I could see his ugly face! So he braved the storm and came down.

Me, him, and Lolly decided to see the movie City of Ember, which we totally hearted even though there were no attractive people in it. While Zac was getting popcorn I ran to the bathroom and heard this conversation in front of the bathroom between a dad and his little girl... "No baby you have to go in the other bathroom." "Oh right daddy, cause I don't have a package, huh?" Also while back in line for popcorn we realized we were totally in front of real live Mean Girls. I could not believe people really talked like that. I wanted to turn around and say something really mean to them. But I am sure I was not dressed well enough for them to have taken me seriously.

We went shopping and had Cafe Rio for lunch. When I paid for my lunch the guy asked me for some ID and I told him that would be fine as long as he realized I was going to be much hotter than my ID picture as soon as I stopped eating things like this. He, being the smart man that he is said "NO you are so beautiful now." Thank you mister Cafe Rio man. You inspire me!

We called my friend Rose up and told her I was in town and to get her trash over to Lolly's Apartment. Her and her Sister Denise came in and me and lolly were laying on her bed so they joined us. We had just gotten the internet to work in her apartment when the sisters walked in smelling of roast beef. Have I mentioned before I have a weak stomach when it comes to smells? So I rolled off the bed and was trying hard to keep my Cafe Rio down. But it didn't work. I tried to crawl back in the room once in awhile to check on them. During one of my excursions back into the room Rose said "Don't you like roast beef?" "Ummm yeah but not in bed!" I replied. Yikes! When I finally came back in the room I COATED them with body spray.

Over all the weekend was amazing! I forgot how much I missed Lolly pants and it is good to see her so happy again! I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt most of the weekend. I can not believe I was blessed enough to spend the weekend with two of my very best friends!

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