BFFs, BFTs, and blessings... many blessings....

It often crosses my mind that Heavenly Father gives me the best friends just when I need them. Many people have one or two BFFs, maybe they live their whole life on the same street as their best friend. I have not had that opportunity. Sometimes distance, miscommunication, marriage or even death separate us for a little while. At different times in my life I have seemed to have the perfect friend around for whatever I was going through. A friend who had lost her dad when I lost my mom, a friend who was relaxed and laid back when I was high stress, a friend who had been there done that when I had my first boyfriend. Always exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it.

Anyway as I was driving home today reflecting, and thanking Heavenly Father for his blessings in the form of friends, I was struck with this thought... I call a handful of people my BFFs, but when I really love someone I call them family. I then thought about a conversation I had with friends a few months ago. We talked about BFFs and BFTs (best friends temporarily) I have had a few of those. But I have 9 for real, for eternity BFFs: Dad, Mom, Melane, Katy, Jake, Jarom, Logan, Madison, and Simon.

The very best times in my whole life have been spent with these people, I have the most fun with these people, I have survived the hardest times of my life, I rely on them to fix my life and my heart. I get to be with them forever and that is one of the greatest blessing I can imagine.


Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

I could not stop laughing and I so totally agree. I needed this little pick me up so bad.


Dinner at Maddox

On Saturday I met up with my family at Maddox. While waiting for them to clear a room out for us I reminded my aunt Elaine of the time she told me to loose 5 pounds, she replied "Make it ten." So I asked her to give me a list of five things to do to fix my life. Here is her list:

1. Loose ten pounds
2. Stop hanging out
3. No more caffine

When Elaine couldn't finish the list dad finished it for her

4. Get your head cut in
5. Mind your own plate
(both of these are phrases my mom's family used often and my dad thinks they are hilarious)

There was a point in the conversation when I admitted that there was a guy I was attracted to and that sometimes I just wanted to jump him and take him to the cub scout closet. Aunt Lois said I should do it. She says it can't hurt anything and I may be surprised at the results. It apparently has the potential to fix my life faster than anything on Elaine's list. I suppose I should get started on this list right away. Ha ha except my crushes never last more than a few weeks at a time. Oh well.

Between getting to see my family, amazing shrimp steak and rolls with raspberry butter, and even better conversation... my night at Maddox was just the cure I needed for the gloomy way my month has started out.

P.S. Yes dad dinner at Maddox inspired my Pooh post. Man I seriously felt like I needed a larger size pants after that dinner but it was the best ever so thanks!

A walk in the park

Let's just say that taking my dogs for a walk in the park is well.... No walk in the park. But after having my client hit me repeatedly today I was in the mood for some time with just me and my dogs outside.

Mosely, my Corgi, Golden Retriever, Dachshund mix, had two speeds... Mach 5 and sniffing. This wasn't so bad when it was just her because I could change my speed to match hers and I could set my attention on making sure she didn't eat anyone else's poo. Now we have Noopie our poodle mix or scnoodle as many call it. He also has two speeds... Puffing and peeing. A walk with him is pretty predictable. It goes something like this: puff, puff, puff, mine (pee), puff, puff, mine, mine, mine, puff, puff, puff.

I end up getting yanked in both directions because Mosely is mach 5 pulling me forward and Noopie is peeing on everything in sight holding up the rest of the show. But either way it is good times and good exercise for my body, mind, and patience. Plus everyone thinks my dogs are cute... and watching them curled up together sleeping on the couch, completely tuckered out I'd have to agree.



Church music teacher? Yes please! Ummm I have a little crush. My first celebrity crush since Bryan White. Did I just say that out loud? Oh well. It is true. Anyway I heart Danny! He is SOOOO precious and I can not help myself. Maybe I feel okay having a little celebrity "squish" because like 4 months ago he was a nobody just like me. Well a little bit like me.

However I spent all night last night voting for Anoop Desai because that is who my sister hearts and we have to keep peace in the house.

Here is a little shot of Bryan White, my first celebrity crush!

A thought

You know that guy you meet and he is SOO HOT that he makes you forget your name? When he asks you how you're doing and you are thinking "How am I suppose to know how I am doing? I am not even aware of my body anymore."

So the other day when this guy called me... and I was freaking out and could barely breathe I realized that it is never going to get better. How depressing. Dating is never going to get easier. The ones you really like are never going to be easy to talk to. So you have to act like you don't care and keep a low profile because you can't talk with him because then he would realize that you can't speak and that you probably have something in your teeth.

At least my dog likes me. But she never lets me know when there is something in my teeth.


True Love

I can't eat normal everyday Cheetos. I just can't do it. It would be cheating on my true love the flaming hot Cheeto. Once a week or so I slip away undetected and shed my image as the dried fruit eater and have just one.... okay maybe just a few.... a couple more won't hurt... no one has to know we meet like this. UNTIL...

Last week I met someone new. GASP! I am sorry flaming hot cheeto, I really am... I wish I could say that I miss you but the truth is I haven't given you a second thought. Do I miss the fire we had? Perhaps, but I am addicted to Jalepeno Cheddar. What's that you say? I will be back? The love JC and I have isn't the forever kind? How can I move on after all these years?

Do you think we can still be friends?


Things that broke recently

My Laptop
My Car door
My Ipod
My Trust
My Hot Pink Guitar
My Heart

Spring Freaking Forward

So I am really good about remembering to change my clock. I love this time of year because I love watching people walk into church an hour late and sit down for the "opening song" which is really the closing song. Ha Ha I love to laugh at them....

So I currently have the worst, ancient of days, disgusting excuse for a cellular phone. It likes to change peoples names in my phone book to names I have never heard of as well as change the date. The fun function that it does have is that it likes to remember that it is daylight savings when it changes the date and spring you forward an hour or back etc depending on what direction it is changing the date.

So this morning I got up when my phone alarm went off and wondered why my backup alarm on my dresser never went off. Hmmm curious... Oh well I bet I set it for PM instead of AM, I think and get ready and head off to work, I am early and I am proud of myself. But wait there is hardly anyone here. Oh well they must have struggled getting up it is a monday and I am a little early. So I wait ten minutes or so and start to wonder where everyone is. A few minutes later I quickly slip back out the door to my car and from there to my bed.

As head home I am listening to the radio trying to figure out what time it is but for the first time ever they are all playing music. So I drive by a bank. The bank clock says 3:32. What the? How can it be that early? What in the world did I do? I am so confused. I get home and jump back into bed... I'll figure this all out when I wake up I tell myself.

I finally got it figured out. I sprung forward twice. Oppps! The banks I realized later hadn't opened post time change so... it was 4:30ish I though it was 5:30ish and all the banks and my microwave etc. said it was 3:3oish.

Spring forward would be more tolerable if only others were confused and it felt somewhat like spring... Anything above freezing will do.


Crazy What-eves Give Away

(I got the idea from Michelle's blog)

On to the details of the giveaway...
The first THREE people to respond to this post will get something made by me!
My choice.
For you.
This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2- What I create will be just for you.
3- It'll be done this year. (might be a little while)
4- You have no clue what it's going to be.It may be a story. It may be a joke book, autographed picture of myself, handmade bag, or a little invention of my own! I may bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows?
5- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. Believe me... it may blow your mind.
The catch? Oh, the catch is that you must re post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 3 people who do the same on your blog.
The first 3 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did, win a FAB-U-LOUS homemade gift by me! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!
Sounds like fun, right? So, let's play!