BFFs, BFTs, and blessings... many blessings....

It often crosses my mind that Heavenly Father gives me the best friends just when I need them. Many people have one or two BFFs, maybe they live their whole life on the same street as their best friend. I have not had that opportunity. Sometimes distance, miscommunication, marriage or even death separate us for a little while. At different times in my life I have seemed to have the perfect friend around for whatever I was going through. A friend who had lost her dad when I lost my mom, a friend who was relaxed and laid back when I was high stress, a friend who had been there done that when I had my first boyfriend. Always exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it.

Anyway as I was driving home today reflecting, and thanking Heavenly Father for his blessings in the form of friends, I was struck with this thought... I call a handful of people my BFFs, but when I really love someone I call them family. I then thought about a conversation I had with friends a few months ago. We talked about BFFs and BFTs (best friends temporarily) I have had a few of those. But I have 9 for real, for eternity BFFs: Dad, Mom, Melane, Katy, Jake, Jarom, Logan, Madison, and Simon.

The very best times in my whole life have been spent with these people, I have the most fun with these people, I have survived the hardest times of my life, I rely on them to fix my life and my heart. I get to be with them forever and that is one of the greatest blessing I can imagine.


  1. Hi Annie! Cute angel picture, I found your blog through Brittneys. It is fun to see what you are up to!