A walk in the park

Let's just say that taking my dogs for a walk in the park is well.... No walk in the park. But after having my client hit me repeatedly today I was in the mood for some time with just me and my dogs outside.

Mosely, my Corgi, Golden Retriever, Dachshund mix, had two speeds... Mach 5 and sniffing. This wasn't so bad when it was just her because I could change my speed to match hers and I could set my attention on making sure she didn't eat anyone else's poo. Now we have Noopie our poodle mix or scnoodle as many call it. He also has two speeds... Puffing and peeing. A walk with him is pretty predictable. It goes something like this: puff, puff, puff, mine (pee), puff, puff, mine, mine, mine, puff, puff, puff.

I end up getting yanked in both directions because Mosely is mach 5 pulling me forward and Noopie is peeing on everything in sight holding up the rest of the show. But either way it is good times and good exercise for my body, mind, and patience. Plus everyone thinks my dogs are cute... and watching them curled up together sleeping on the couch, completely tuckered out I'd have to agree.

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