Spring Freaking Forward

So I am really good about remembering to change my clock. I love this time of year because I love watching people walk into church an hour late and sit down for the "opening song" which is really the closing song. Ha Ha I love to laugh at them....

So I currently have the worst, ancient of days, disgusting excuse for a cellular phone. It likes to change peoples names in my phone book to names I have never heard of as well as change the date. The fun function that it does have is that it likes to remember that it is daylight savings when it changes the date and spring you forward an hour or back etc depending on what direction it is changing the date.

So this morning I got up when my phone alarm went off and wondered why my backup alarm on my dresser never went off. Hmmm curious... Oh well I bet I set it for PM instead of AM, I think and get ready and head off to work, I am early and I am proud of myself. But wait there is hardly anyone here. Oh well they must have struggled getting up it is a monday and I am a little early. So I wait ten minutes or so and start to wonder where everyone is. A few minutes later I quickly slip back out the door to my car and from there to my bed.

As head home I am listening to the radio trying to figure out what time it is but for the first time ever they are all playing music. So I drive by a bank. The bank clock says 3:32. What the? How can it be that early? What in the world did I do? I am so confused. I get home and jump back into bed... I'll figure this all out when I wake up I tell myself.

I finally got it figured out. I sprung forward twice. Oppps! The banks I realized later hadn't opened post time change so... it was 4:30ish I though it was 5:30ish and all the banks and my microwave etc. said it was 3:3oish.

Spring forward would be more tolerable if only others were confused and it felt somewhat like spring... Anything above freezing will do.

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