Dinner at Maddox

On Saturday I met up with my family at Maddox. While waiting for them to clear a room out for us I reminded my aunt Elaine of the time she told me to loose 5 pounds, she replied "Make it ten." So I asked her to give me a list of five things to do to fix my life. Here is her list:

1. Loose ten pounds
2. Stop hanging out
3. No more caffine

When Elaine couldn't finish the list dad finished it for her

4. Get your head cut in
5. Mind your own plate
(both of these are phrases my mom's family used often and my dad thinks they are hilarious)

There was a point in the conversation when I admitted that there was a guy I was attracted to and that sometimes I just wanted to jump him and take him to the cub scout closet. Aunt Lois said I should do it. She says it can't hurt anything and I may be surprised at the results. It apparently has the potential to fix my life faster than anything on Elaine's list. I suppose I should get started on this list right away. Ha ha except my crushes never last more than a few weeks at a time. Oh well.

Between getting to see my family, amazing shrimp steak and rolls with raspberry butter, and even better conversation... my night at Maddox was just the cure I needed for the gloomy way my month has started out.

P.S. Yes dad dinner at Maddox inspired my Pooh post. Man I seriously felt like I needed a larger size pants after that dinner but it was the best ever so thanks!


  1. You're welcome. It as a good evening wasn't it?

  2. Oh annie, I LOVE catching up on your blog. It always makes me laugh so hard! I can't tell if your aunt is mean or just sarcastic.

  3. Sarcastic! But kinda serious! But not in an offensive way. Doea that make sense?