Confession Monday

I am addicted. Plain and simple. 



All Is Well

 (We are the hottest girls you know, don't lie to yourself)
My best friend Lolly is moving to Evanston. I know right? Who would want to move to Evanston of their own free will and choice? Being 27 and single means that for years those that mean the most to me have been moving far away for jobs or getting married and dedicating their lives, as they should, to their new best friend. Loss for me is very hard. But instead of dwelling on the negative element of that loss I thought I would just be grateful for the time I have been given with them. For the blessing that Lolly has been in my life. Both in the past in college, as I made the choice to move back to Utah, and then as my roommate once I made that choice.

She has been amazing for me. She is the mom that I need. She is always willing to listen even when the problem is with us. Even when it is something stupid and I am just being a girl. She does all the scary stuff for me like talking to boys or asking where the bathroom is. She is an example to me. And let us not forget... she makes me laugh every single day.

I am going to miss her like crazy. So much so that I can't think about it. But I am so happy that she has been given this opportunity to improve her life and as a good friend all I can do is be happy for her and supportive. I want, no need her to be happy and if the Lord wants her in Evanston then who am I to complain? I know my Heavenly Father will bless me with new friends and new adventures. I also know that no one and I mean no one will ever, ever, ever, take her place in my heart. 

Yes loss is hard for me, but Heavenly Father has never left me alone. I have always had the friends I have needed for every moment of my life. I know that they have been hand selected and those that have faded with time and distance were there for a reason and I am grateful for their influence in my life.



First of all look who was in my group. It was meant to be. How can I not love a kid who shows up in a Husker hoodie? It was destined to be a good day at the Zoo.

These are the monkeys I was in charge of. They were typical adorably rambunctious little boys, and we had so much fun!
I let them use the map and make sure we saw everything they wanted to see. The important things according to them were the elephants, cheetahs, and gorillas. My favorite, however, were the giraffes.

Even though Hoogle zoo is notorious for being lame we were anything but lame. You wish that you were in Miss Reese's group!


Ode to Wade O.


*Well he's hot
*We have never, ever, even once had even the hint of a fight
*We have never, ever had even a hint of drama
*We share lots of the same interests
*We love the same shady restaurant and have our own secret booth there
*When I was scared for my MRI he was willing to cancel all of his plans for the day to come and sit with me through the entire thing, and I didn't have to ask, he just offered.
*When I am sad he always makes me feel better.
*When I need to talk something out he ALWAYS has amazing advice. I mean it, like his advice is always well thought out and good, and I never feel dumb about needing to talk. I ALWAYS feel better.
*Because we spend evenings, like tonight, just walking though the park and it is okay to not talk.
*Because he makes me laugh, ALL the time!
*When he was vacationing in HAWAII he called me because he knew I had something stressful going on and he just wanted to check on me.
*Because I never feel ugly or awkward with him.
*Because I never feel judged or like I have to earn his approval.
*Because when he isn't around I miss him.
*Because I know he will HATE this post and the above picture of him, and because I know exactly why.

Sorry wade, you are one of the best and it was time we had an ode to you. Please bless that we are friends for along time.


When Support is all you can do

Every time I watch the news and see more about this story my heart breaks in two a little more. For those of you not following the story or for those living in parts of the country where this story is not being covered... a quick recap on a heart breaking story. Ethan Stacy's father was court mandated to send his 4 year old son out here to Utah for the summer to see his mother. His father plead with the judge stating that he knew if he sent Ethan away he would never see him again. Ethan's stepfather and mother literally abused him to death, mutalaed his body, and then buried him in a shallow grave up Ogden canyon and covered the grave in dog food so that animals would eat him. They then reported him missing. 

His mother and step father are being held in the davis county jail awaiting their court date. So this morning we met at the apartments where it is assumed he was killed and walked 10.8 miles to the jail. Look for us in this video.
 We then walked another 2 home from there. 
We are now curled up on the couch and declaring we will never move again. Our bodies are aching but our hearts are happy and warm. So many people showed up and those who couldn't walk rode along beside us in cars handing out water and snacks. Every time cars passed and gave a us a little honk it made us a little happier. My body hurts, yes but it is nothing compared to how much my heart hurts to hear stories like this. Sweet little Ethan is in the arms of his Heavenly Father, but there are so many more kids out there being hurt and because they are still suffering, unlike Ethan, it doesn't make the news. I am sad I can't do more. For now we walk for Father's rights, for ending child abuse, and for justice for Ethan.


The Rules

I have a crush. Okay not a crush, I don't know him well enough to crush, and Hall girls don't crush. Really I just saw him once and couldn't stop thinking that I wanted to touch him... with my lips, at sunset, on the beach... but I digress. I like him enough to go right up to him and tell him that I wouldn't mind if he asked me out. Until...

I found out another girl I know has a HUGE crush on him! So here we start dealing with the girl creed. She has vocally and very openly told a LOT of people that she is in love with him. By all accounts he has no interest in her but if word got out that I pursued him it may be social suicide. Why are there all these rules? So what am I left with? Waiting and hoping he notices me... I will get no where with that! NO WHERE! Then even if he does, and he asks me out, and I say yes, and she finds out, I may still be in trouble! UGH!  


Confession Monday

I am obsessed with waterfowl. I LOVE them! One of my favorite features about my house is that the neighbors have ducks and geese. 

Growing up we had geese. African geese just like these pictured above. Their names were Mulder and Scully and I was scared to death of them. As I grew I learned they were all talk though.

My favorite, favorite, favorite part though is the little curled feather that the ducks have on their bum. Oh my goodness I just want one of my very own.

I also fell in love with this face today on the elevator.

I was just sitting on the elevator praying I wouldn't have to share it with an over gelled man with an inflated ego as I typically do in that building, when on walked a man with his long haired daschund and I could not get enough. He had to pry it from my hands when he got to his floor. I need my own house so I can have one of these right now! I will name him Doodle and we will be in love forever.


CIL exams

I have one more requirement left for graduation. My CIL exams. I have two left, spreadsheets... EASY! But I also have to take computer systems. It's things like how many bits are in a byte and things like that. AHHH I will never pass.

Do you know any nerdy boys who look like my freshman ID picture who can go take the exam for me? I kid... I want to come by my degree honestly. But just when I decide to buckle down and study for the first hard test of my college career, my computer  breaks. AHHH I  could do without the irony here.

However, knowing how many bits are in a byte wil not fix this issuse!!