The Rules

I have a crush. Okay not a crush, I don't know him well enough to crush, and Hall girls don't crush. Really I just saw him once and couldn't stop thinking that I wanted to touch him... with my lips, at sunset, on the beach... but I digress. I like him enough to go right up to him and tell him that I wouldn't mind if he asked me out. Until...

I found out another girl I know has a HUGE crush on him! So here we start dealing with the girl creed. She has vocally and very openly told a LOT of people that she is in love with him. By all accounts he has no interest in her but if word got out that I pursued him it may be social suicide. Why are there all these rules? So what am I left with? Waiting and hoping he notices me... I will get no where with that! NO WHERE! Then even if he does, and he asks me out, and I say yes, and she finds out, I may still be in trouble! UGH!  


  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    Life is so tough. Besides I thought Halls didn't crush.

  2. That's a dumb rule. I've always thought so, even when someone else is crushing on the guy I crushed on first. I say TO HECK WITH IT! Go for it, ya know? GO FOR IT!

  3. Um, no. If everyone followed those rules then there would be a TON more single people in this world. I have been on the "jaded" side of this girl creed at least 3 times that I can think of (and they were my boyfriends... the girl... some of my good friends). And yet, things have always worked out! Those people were meant to be together, and I was meant to be with Shane. Life couldn't be better! I say persue this fantasy, and one day, maybe in the NEAR future you can "touch him, with your lips, at sunset, on the beach, CAUSE YOU'LL BE ON YOUR HONEYMOON! yeehaw, call me if you'd like tips or tricks for secret flirting ;)

  4. Well, that's just silly. Go say hello to the man!