CIL exams

I have one more requirement left for graduation. My CIL exams. I have two left, spreadsheets... EASY! But I also have to take computer systems. It's things like how many bits are in a byte and things like that. AHHH I will never pass.

Do you know any nerdy boys who look like my freshman ID picture who can go take the exam for me? I kid... I want to come by my degree honestly. But just when I decide to buckle down and study for the first hard test of my college career, my computer  breaks. AHHH I  could do without the irony here.

However, knowing how many bits are in a byte wil not fix this issuse!!


  1. Insert swearword...HERE!

  2. AnonymousMay 15, 2010

    Being a little rough with your lappy?