When Support is all you can do

Every time I watch the news and see more about this story my heart breaks in two a little more. For those of you not following the story or for those living in parts of the country where this story is not being covered... a quick recap on a heart breaking story. Ethan Stacy's father was court mandated to send his 4 year old son out here to Utah for the summer to see his mother. His father plead with the judge stating that he knew if he sent Ethan away he would never see him again. Ethan's stepfather and mother literally abused him to death, mutalaed his body, and then buried him in a shallow grave up Ogden canyon and covered the grave in dog food so that animals would eat him. They then reported him missing. 

His mother and step father are being held in the davis county jail awaiting their court date. So this morning we met at the apartments where it is assumed he was killed and walked 10.8 miles to the jail. Look for us in this video.
 We then walked another 2 home from there. 
We are now curled up on the couch and declaring we will never move again. Our bodies are aching but our hearts are happy and warm. So many people showed up and those who couldn't walk rode along beside us in cars handing out water and snacks. Every time cars passed and gave a us a little honk it made us a little happier. My body hurts, yes but it is nothing compared to how much my heart hurts to hear stories like this. Sweet little Ethan is in the arms of his Heavenly Father, but there are so many more kids out there being hurt and because they are still suffering, unlike Ethan, it doesn't make the news. I am sad I can't do more. For now we walk for Father's rights, for ending child abuse, and for justice for Ethan.

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