Confession Monday

I am obsessed with waterfowl. I LOVE them! One of my favorite features about my house is that the neighbors have ducks and geese. 

Growing up we had geese. African geese just like these pictured above. Their names were Mulder and Scully and I was scared to death of them. As I grew I learned they were all talk though.

My favorite, favorite, favorite part though is the little curled feather that the ducks have on their bum. Oh my goodness I just want one of my very own.

I also fell in love with this face today on the elevator.

I was just sitting on the elevator praying I wouldn't have to share it with an over gelled man with an inflated ego as I typically do in that building, when on walked a man with his long haired daschund and I could not get enough. He had to pry it from my hands when he got to his floor. I need my own house so I can have one of these right now! I will name him Doodle and we will be in love forever.


  1. A long haired daschund? Precious! There's something about long-haired varieties of typically short-haired dogs that just makes my heart melt! Cute! And I love the name of your duschund-to-be! (Doodle! Cute!)

  2. I can't believe you didn't write about Lucy, Lucy and Goosey! or Earl, Pearl and Pearl! Those were memorable.