Ode to Wade O.


*Well he's hot
*We have never, ever, even once had even the hint of a fight
*We have never, ever had even a hint of drama
*We share lots of the same interests
*We love the same shady restaurant and have our own secret booth there
*When I was scared for my MRI he was willing to cancel all of his plans for the day to come and sit with me through the entire thing, and I didn't have to ask, he just offered.
*When I am sad he always makes me feel better.
*When I need to talk something out he ALWAYS has amazing advice. I mean it, like his advice is always well thought out and good, and I never feel dumb about needing to talk. I ALWAYS feel better.
*Because we spend evenings, like tonight, just walking though the park and it is okay to not talk.
*Because he makes me laugh, ALL the time!
*When he was vacationing in HAWAII he called me because he knew I had something stressful going on and he just wanted to check on me.
*Because I never feel ugly or awkward with him.
*Because I never feel judged or like I have to earn his approval.
*Because when he isn't around I miss him.
*Because I know he will HATE this post and the above picture of him, and because I know exactly why.

Sorry wade, you are one of the best and it was time we had an ode to you. Please bless that we are friends for along time.

1 comment:

  1. Haha! You are too nice!

    I guess I better delete my blog this week- when I'm venting about you! ha!

    just kidding!