Cast of Characters

I have added a "Cast of Characters" tab to my blog. Now you never have to wonder who someone is that I mention frequently. They are listed there and if  there is a picture of the two of us I have included it. A face always makes the story better.

If there is no picture of us together or at least goofing off together (the Kyle and Jeep picture) then shame on you.


Did anyone else have a favorite movie you watched when you were sick? Mine was My Fair Lady. I would just watch it on repeat all day.

The worst was when Katy was sick too. I always felt like she was trying to steal my sick time with mom. And sharing the couch is the worst. Being sick is miserable. But mom would spoil us rotten. I miss that.

I desperately need a Jamba right now. But I don't want to ask anyone because I don't want to be like this crazy girl in one of my old wards. She called everyone in the ward to ask them to bring her some grapes.

I love to wear my boyfriend's sweater when I'm sick. But I don't have a boyfriend. I have an ex-boyfriend but Katy stole his sweater from me. So I'm wearing a sweater I bought for a boyfriend but never gave to him because it's so comfy I kept it. Does that count? Probably not, because it doesn't smell like a man.


Where Did You Come From?

”I don't know why someone our age would ever want to date an 18 year old. Don't you want something going on behind the eyes you're starting into?”~TB

Um hello who is this man?
My name is Annie.

”I like a girl who speaks her mind.”~TB
”I wasn't planning on having a super bowl party, but if you're coming...”~TB
”I like that you don't hold back. That you are already yourself with me.”~TB
”You can sleep while I drive.”~TB

Wait a second, is that Brad Paisley on the radio?

”Yeah, I love country.”~TB
”Let's make sure this happens again real soon.”~TB

Let's be honest. I'll probably never see this man again. But I am grateful that this weekend Heavenly Father showed me that there are still a few good ones left.

And that I have the most amazing friends in the world. Seriously.