Did anyone else have a favorite movie you watched when you were sick? Mine was My Fair Lady. I would just watch it on repeat all day.

The worst was when Katy was sick too. I always felt like she was trying to steal my sick time with mom. And sharing the couch is the worst. Being sick is miserable. But mom would spoil us rotten. I miss that.

I desperately need a Jamba right now. But I don't want to ask anyone because I don't want to be like this crazy girl in one of my old wards. She called everyone in the ward to ask them to bring her some grapes.

I love to wear my boyfriend's sweater when I'm sick. But I don't have a boyfriend. I have an ex-boyfriend but Katy stole his sweater from me. So I'm wearing a sweater I bought for a boyfriend but never gave to him because it's so comfy I kept it. Does that count? Probably not, because it doesn't smell like a man.

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