* I can't stop listening to "Please Come to Boston." Random huh? While I LOVE the Dave Loggins version, I have recently branched out listening to versions by many different artists. True to form my favorite is a country one. There is a Garth, as well as a Reba version... both no bueno. It is this version by Confederate Railroad that is my favorite!

* I went on a hike this weekend. Pine Hollow trail in American Fork canyon. It was beautiful. If I can get pictures from Cam I will post some. The beauty of God's creation, the conversation, and the company I was keeping made my heart happy. But more than anything I loved the sound of the wind in the aspen trees. That sound reminds me so much of my mom that I felt like she was right there with us.

*When I make a to do list and then get distracted, I always put the things I did while I was distracted on the list and then cross them off. That way I feel productive. Weirdo!

*You know how sometimes you get a random pop up screen on your computer? Well mine is never porn it is always something like garlic chicken enchiladas, or Frozen Samoa Pie. Does that mean that I am just extra righteous or that Satan has found my form of porn? Because I like it when boys keep their clothes on, and I can barely resist something with garlic!

*I  HATE being called ma'am! It makes me feel old and it seems impersonal.  


Don't Go

You know that moment when someone says they have to go?

And you know that they do, because it is late, and we have to be adults in the morning.

Or they have to write a paper on the history of Ballet.

But you really really want them to stay. 
And as soon as they say they have to go you start missing them?

Those are the best kind of friends.

And I am so grateful for mine.


My Phone Message

Today I was trying to change my message on the office voicemail. 

I needed it to say we would be closed for Pioneer Day etc. etc.

But my boss walked in right when it started recording and I got nervous.

So for a bit this afternoon, until  I kicked him out so I could rerecord...

The voicemail said simply "UUUUUHHHHGGG.  Oh dang I think I recorded that!"

So professional...

You can see why they keep me around.


What is the big whoop?

How many of us Aggie's recognize this scene?

You have to drive through it on any venture in or out of Cache Valley. 

Mantua, UT pronounced "man-a way"

I have driven through Sardine canyon and 
thus Mantua more times than I can count.

The very first thing my grandpa ever said to 
me when he found out I was going to school in Logan was
"watch out for the cops in Mantua. They'll nab you every time."

And I have had more friends than I can count  who
have received tickets in this metropolis. 

However, as I was driving through last night on my 
way to visit friends in Logan, I realized that
in all the days I have lived, worked, 
studied, and played in the valley of Cache, I've
NEVER seen a police officer in Mantua. 

Am I lucky?
or is it really not the world famous speed trap 
it has been made out to be?


The Recycle Man

When I had an on campus job at Utah State,
there was a man who came by to pick up all my schredded documents,
and general recycling.

He was VERY attractive. 
I mean real attractive. 

Now I have never been too into recycling...

I know David just died a little inside when I said that, 
but it's true. 

But I would go around all the neighboring offices and pick up their recycling.

Until mine was overflowing.

Then I would call over to physical facilities and ask them if they could send someone over. 

Just so I could talk to the recycling man. 

Well earlier when I just emptied my own recycling bin....

In my very own adult office. 

And there were scraps of paper EVERY WHERE.

I wished that I had a recycle man to call.

Oh to be young again,
at my minimum wage 
10 hour a week job...
With a recycle man.

Smiling Continued

*When I accused the OMC (open mouth chewer) of having a secret lover.

* Listening to Aol Radio, all Keith Urban all day.

*Just thinking about my fishing trip on Saturday.

*When a client made the OMC listen to Justin Beiber.

* When Snubs said my feistiness made me sexy.

*Every single time someone said I love you to me. Those words are just not said enough.


Things that made me smile today...

*The offer of a mother on loan.
* Talking to my Simon monkey about his "bish," interpreted to mean fish.  
* Madison asking Simon if he loves me today. Because she "couldn't be sure."
* Giving my boss VIP tickets to the Utah championship PGA tour.
* Chatting with Kyle about Jersey girls. Even if she is a NY Jeresey girl and not a Philly Jersey girl.
* Agreeing that more Kyles should fall in love with Jersey girls.
* Reading entries such as Dawby, "mushy" soup, and pork "chocks" on Dad's dinner list.
* Intense Scripture study of a particular topic I wanted insight on, and gaining insight on a completely different one.
* YouTube video my sales Rep sent me to make me smile.
* My sales Rep calling just to make me smile.


Degrees of Interest Broken Down

I was trying to explain this to a friend on mine yesterday while shopping for new cologne, and leather flip flops.  

So here they are....

Potential potential: Someone you have taken note of, and realize there could be some potential; but you don't really know them well enough yet to be sure. Further investigation is necessary.

Squish: Someone you have seen in multiple social situations. Conversation is easy and you find them attractive. You get excited when you know you will be seeing them; but you don't touch up your makeup before hand. If they asked you out you would be excited; but you would also be fine making them your new best friend.

Crush: If you know you will be seeing them you take extra care to pick out your outfit. You go out of your way to catch his eye across the room. You have weighed your chances with all your friends and they have given you the green light. You make sure you wear the perfume he casually mentioned liking. His name has appeared in your journal.

Crushing Crush: He is the ONLY thing you think about. When you talk to him you laugh too loud. You buy new clothes you think it will impress him. There are hearts around his name in your journal. You panic when he doesn't text you back right away. You know all of his "stats" and the name of the puppy he had growing up. You drive by his place on the way home. When he asks your friend out you are barely functional the next day.

I try to make sure I never pass the "Squish zone." Anything else gets real messy and hearts get broken and friendships destroyed. No one wins once the crush develops.


Teancum and a Tent

Or how we spent the 4th of July...

*Apology: ALL of these photos were taken on my phone,
and most of them by children under the age of 6.

It started early on Friday when I took a late lunch 
and met the family at Chuck E Cheese.

Later I spent time with friends eating
cookie dough on the porch, watching fireworks, 
and falling asleep in Karl's backyard!

Saturday morning Katy, Dad, Logan, and I
Hiked Ensign peak. 
We actually went farther than Ensign.

This is your new favorite picture of me
We needed a short hike because we were meeting
some of Dad's siblings at Maddox.

The kiddos all wanted to sit with Reese. 
I had all three of the little ones in my lap at one point.
Chaos to be sure. But loving every minute of it. 

Who loves the way Teeny Brother holds his French Fries?
You want to make sure you ride home with me because 
 I get you ice cream when we gas up!

Sunday was spent quietly at home playing my guitar
 Note that I have signed my own guitar! Ha!

and playing Capture
 Which is where Teancum and a tent comes into the picture.
For some reason it made us laugh and we couldn't stop.
It was really funny I promise.
I just can't remember why.

The actual 4th I woke up feeling miserable.
So what do we do when we feel awful?
Katy drugs you up, and you turn on some Keith Urban!
Then you meet your dad at a shady Mexican restaurant.
Later that night Katy, Logan, and I took our siblings
for a walk around Oquirrh Lake.

 Logan was pushing our little bro in the stroller.
We caught up with them here because Logan
had stopped to point out the temple to his little brother. 
They were having this whole little conversation about it. 
I love those kids!
We watched 12 different and good firework shows while on our walk.
The view of the valley fireworks from the lake was amazing!

I taught my baby sister to say "yes please" any time
someone mentions Keith Urban.

Oh and P.P.S.
This is my Stepmom's Parent's Neighbors.
We talked to the guy responsible the next day.
We didn't know it was him and my dad 
asked him if he had an exciting weekend.
He laughed and said YES!


When you get bored.

Take this test
It is kind of cool.
I scored a 14
Can you beat me?

Oh... wait...
Also take this one.
I did REAL good on this one. 


Snapped a couple of pics this weekend...

If you like them please tell me.
I am craving positive feedback.


It's 2011

So today I got a memo at work that said:

"Please adjust your production schedule
to assure completion the work day 
before the expected delivery date."

This was the delivery date listed on the memo:
We will probably be late for this production date.

I also got a letter today addressed to "Dear Sirs,"
I don't know why that bugged me,
But it did.