The Recycle Man

When I had an on campus job at Utah State,
there was a man who came by to pick up all my schredded documents,
and general recycling.

He was VERY attractive. 
I mean real attractive. 

Now I have never been too into recycling...

I know David just died a little inside when I said that, 
but it's true. 

But I would go around all the neighboring offices and pick up their recycling.

Until mine was overflowing.

Then I would call over to physical facilities and ask them if they could send someone over. 

Just so I could talk to the recycling man. 

Well earlier when I just emptied my own recycling bin....

In my very own adult office. 

And there were scraps of paper EVERY WHERE.

I wished that I had a recycle man to call.

Oh to be young again,
at my minimum wage 
10 hour a week job...
With a recycle man.

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