What is the big whoop?

How many of us Aggie's recognize this scene?

You have to drive through it on any venture in or out of Cache Valley. 

Mantua, UT pronounced "man-a way"

I have driven through Sardine canyon and 
thus Mantua more times than I can count.

The very first thing my grandpa ever said to 
me when he found out I was going to school in Logan was
"watch out for the cops in Mantua. They'll nab you every time."

And I have had more friends than I can count  who
have received tickets in this metropolis. 

However, as I was driving through last night on my 
way to visit friends in Logan, I realized that
in all the days I have lived, worked, 
studied, and played in the valley of Cache, I've
NEVER seen a police officer in Mantua. 

Am I lucky?
or is it really not the world famous speed trap 
it has been made out to be?


  1. You must just drive it at the right times. I have seen him many-a-time.

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011

    I have heard the same thing. Never experienced it myself. I have seen the police pickup truck at the bottom of the hill a few times though.

  3. As Mantua is only 3 miles from my hometown, I know of what you speak: consider yourself LUCKY, lady! I've never been pulled over there, either, but I have friends who have, and I've seen a number of cars pulled onto the shoulder of the road, very likely receiving tickets. They call him RoboCop.

    Because, I mean, what else does a cop in Mantua have to do with his time?

  4. I'm with you Annie - I've NEVER seen a cop there either. I've never been pulled over. But it REALLY is true. My brother got his first speeding ticket there EVER just a few days ago. :) So weird.