Things that made me smile today...

*The offer of a mother on loan.
* Talking to my Simon monkey about his "bish," interpreted to mean fish.  
* Madison asking Simon if he loves me today. Because she "couldn't be sure."
* Giving my boss VIP tickets to the Utah championship PGA tour.
* Chatting with Kyle about Jersey girls. Even if she is a NY Jeresey girl and not a Philly Jersey girl.
* Agreeing that more Kyles should fall in love with Jersey girls.
* Reading entries such as Dawby, "mushy" soup, and pork "chocks" on Dad's dinner list.
* Intense Scripture study of a particular topic I wanted insight on, and gaining insight on a completely different one.
* YouTube video my sales Rep sent me to make me smile.
* My sales Rep calling just to make me smile.

1 comment:

  1. K Annie, call me Wednesday so we can do something! Girls night! Woot-woot!