I secretly want this car...

But a more ghetto version...
Maybe a little rusty.
You think I am kidding.
I am not.


What a sexy man looks like

He carried my camera bag, the bouquet, 
and a good attitude through all kinds of wilderness terrain, 
without complaining... 
all weekend. 

Umm... and without being asked. 

 and this is what one very sweet sister
looks like after a day of wedding photos. 
again with no complaints.

While I was shooting photos,
these two were forced to be buddies for the day.
They both survived each others company, and maybe,
just maybe they became friends.
Maybe... but we shouldn't push the issue. 

This looks like a man who needs to spend a weekend
doing something he wants to do doesn't it?

But look I actually took a few decent pictures.

(more to follow) 

So thanks for helping out guys.
You are the best friends a girl could have!

P.S. Will he kill me for posting these pictures? 
Probably yes!

No Lie

Yesterday, I was talking to a client 
when he sat down on the floor in front of my desk,
I wasn't quite sure what he was doing as there is
a chair right there for his sitting enjoyment.
So I just kept the conversation going like nothing had happened.
Then he started stretching.
Not just a few casual stretches.
This was like he was in the middle of yoga class.
So I just kept talking like everything was normal. 
And eventually he got up off the floor and left.
Like everything was normal.

last night in the lobby of the stake offices,
I looked down and on the floor
where two huge toenail clippings!
Who does that when waiting for an interview?
I almost threw up right there in the lobby.


24 hour Tally

Conversations with my daddy.........................1
Books finished...............................................1
Boys I avoided so they wouldn't ask me out...1
Long chats with my Wade O. .......................2
Cheated on my diet.......................................2

Told Joan to "do it!"......................................3
Checked my email... just in case....................3
Pictures of Miss Penny from Katy's Cellie......5
Times I've looked at the clock.......................6
Changed shoes ............................................6

Listened to Keith Urban's "You're Gonna Fly."............29


Happy Pappy's Day 2011

Let us not forget our Heavenly Father on this Father's day!

Let's also discuss how awesome my Earthly Papa is!
Oh wait I already have here, here, here, here, and here.
(in case you have forgotten.)

One of my favorite photos for your viewing pleasure!
Don't you just love him?

Papa in High school
and finally...
Dad being a daddy currently...
Dad and my teeny brother! heart, heart, heart!

 Dad and my little brother. I love that the book is titled "I Feel Happy."
Because this picture makes me happy!

And my little sister. 
Isn't this picture great?
I captures just how fun it is to have your daddy push on the swings!

These last three pictures were all taken by my Stepmom Melane,
and I think they are treasures!



Well you know how moving day goes.
These were the only shoes that weren't packed. 
So ballet flats and athletic shorts is was.
Sometimes I am so sexy I amaze myself.

My new shoes I bought with the crew at Nordstroms,
after dining at Moochies the other night.
I love them so so much. 
I am shocked that they go with so many things.
We went to get toms and I got them instead. 

I know you wish you had a tan line like this.
Here is how to achieve such beauty.
You go fishing in capris on a horribly overcast day.
You assume you are getting no sun, as you can't even see it.
Then you come home and go to a REAL game.
And you are so exhausted from the sun that you fall asleep 
AT the game and fall out of your chair just a little bit.
Okay that last part doesn't contribute to the awesome tan line,
but it is what was happening while this picture was taken.

And finally none of these are my legs, I was in a dress, no pictures thank you.
This is Katy and Joan (Pronounced JOE-ON, not joan or jo anne) changing her oil.
What an adventure that turned out to be.


Friday Nights

Every other Friday I work in the Bountiful Temple.
My shift ends at 8 and without fail,
I walk out of the temple and,
right through someones bridal shoot.

And without fail every single bride is wearing some form of this dress.
Now don't get offended I am sure you are reading this,
and you wore a dress just like this, and you loved it,
and you were beautiful and you felt like a Disney princess.

And I admittedly am probably years from needing my own,
but ladies...
How about something beautiful and vintage?
Oh my goodness both of these dresses make my heart stop.
and both can be made modest, 
and both come in at the same price range as latter day bridal dresses. 

Different top here but I LOVE the casual feel of this one!
The perfect dress to elope in, yes please!

again, modesty modification needed. 
But I love the idea of a dress that flows 
not a huge tent that I am hidden under!
Pair it with a pair of vintage cowboy boots! 
Or silver flats, or anything turquoise!

Maybe I am just the girl who needs to be different,
but oh my goodness...
Let's try branching out a little.


Dear Shania,

I know you have been though a lot recently.

I get it.

I have been waiting for a new release from you for years.
And to be honest this new single of yours sucks.
Big time!

There I said it. Harsh? maybe, but it really does.

I think I wrote better songs in elementary school.

Pain is the best place to draw inspiration and creativity. 

Here's hoping the next one is something more like this.
Maybe one of my favorite songs of all time. 

A family of Artists

Someone else in our family is quite the artist! 
I should scan a few more of her Sacrament Meeting drawings.

My favorite is the bears. I like the chubby one the best!


Back by Popular Demand

More of my high school art...

I made them nice and big for your viewing pleasure! 
This one was my mom's favorite! 

 This one of the Owl was my sister favorite. She still thinks it is a real good job!
I am pretty sure I told my friends this was some man that I knew. Yikes! For the record, it was totally out of a magazine! But it isn't bad. I still wish I could fix the shading on the hand. Looks a little off to me!

 The original in Acrylics. I did probably freshman year.
This is my attempt at the same thing in oil pastels, my favorite medium, senior year.



Favorite convos from the weekend

1.) Call from home
Me: "Hey!"
Simon: "REESE! *gasp* I *gasp* just went *gasp* potty on the *gasp* BIG BOY *gasp* POTTY!"
Me: "Goobs, that is great I am so proud of you!"
Simon: "And I DID IT STANDING UP!!!!!"

*My baby brother is growing up and so excited to do so.
I love it so much when they call me.

2.) J: "I was wondering if we could exchange numbers. I was just thinking I would really like it we could increase our communication."
A: "I would love to participate in more communication with you. Let's do this."

3.) Snubs: "Annie tell me about ______"
Annie: "* Standard Response"
Snubs: That is a load of crap tell me what's really going on."

*I love how well he knows me. It is a little bit scary though to know and love someone who can absolutely see right through you.


I LOVE this picture

Because I LOVE getting uncontrollable giggles
I have been prince Harry in so many social situations,
when maybe I should not have been.
And I am always surrounded, it would seem,
by people such as the queen who are pained by my behavior.
Fortunately for the prince,
both his father and grandfather seem to also find whatever it is amusing.


This is fungus

I think I am so clever.

I am hoping no one who reads this can tell whose blurred face that is.

I cut this out of a magazine and made my own modifications. 
Then hung it up on the bulletin board in my dorm.

Turns out he is still kind of fungus like. 

And I have matured into a woman who would no longer stoop this low.

But I think I will keep it on file. 
Just in case anyone else needs to be pasted on at a later date.


On my mind

Things that have been on my mind today...

Chik Fil A
Sweet Tomatoes
The Bluebird
Pizza with bacon and jalapenos
Smoked Gouda with sesame chips
Deviled Eggs (even though I said I would never eat one again)
Fresh Salsa
My homemade Chili Verde
Dad's Chicken Wings
Melane's Biscuits and Gravy
One little taste of Drew's Carne Asada fries.
Anything with guacamole
Chick Fil A
Chick Fil A
Veggie burger with bacon and cheese from Burger King.
Fish Tacos
Moochies (Dad we are going here next time you are in town!)
Anything with Bacon
Chick Fil A

Judge me if you want evil blog commentor...
I am a hungry girl!

Police Blotter

Friday's Statesman, the campus paper for Utah State University, was always my very most favorite thing to read in between classes. Why? Because Friday was the day they published the Utah State Police Blotter. Oh how I loved it.

The other night I was going through some paperwork from school and I stumbled upon a couple of my favorites that I had saved.

I loved this one because I often felt like this in school. Oh my goodness what major should I choose? Which major should I pick next? Where should I work? Where should I live nest semester and with whom? What do I do when I graduate? That last one is the scariest really.

I love this one so so much. They called the police to report something suspicious and it was fruit punch! Ha how did they know? Did the officer get down on the floor and smell it or better yet taste it? It must have been fairly obviously not suspicious to the officer to have risked so much to find out!

Okay and my favorite of all time I could not find a copy of but I remember it well.

"University Police responded to the report of a man who entered the bathroom with a brief case and a watermelon and had not as yet, exited the bathroom."

I can't even imagine the circumstances behind this one. And if memory serves me it was in the old Merill library which no longer exists. Oh the times I had in the Merrill library, but that is a post for another day!

There is another one which I cherish, but it involved my roommate and an embarrassing situation in a bathroom stall. Due to the fact that she does not treasure the memory I will not go into detail. But if you want to ask me about it in person I will tell you the story. I mean it has already been published once before to a much larger audience.


My New Super Power

You know how your body functions kind of like an antenna? And remember back in the day when we used radio or TVs that had them and you would move or adjust it and then step away it would go all fuzzy again? I believe I watched an entire episode of Dr. Quinn in an odd yogaesque position so I could hold onto the antenna and watch Sully toss tomahawks at the bad guys.

P.S. No matter what Katy says I NEVER had a crush on Sully. It was all her! 

Well I think I have a new super power. You see the radio in my room is an actual radio. With antenna and as I walk around the room getting ready in the morning it switches between like 4 different stations. But I noticed today that it doesn't just kinda move a little, the actual digital display will move up or down like 10 or 20 digits. Weird.

Also my car does not have an auxiliary port so I have to play my ipod through an adapter that plays over the radio. Which has worked for years. Until recently when it won't stick to one station. So I got as new one. Same problem, as well as the three others I exchanged it for.

Now the speakers in my office are also going in and out of service based on where I stand. It has nothing to do with my cell phone either as it is not near by the radio in my room nor the speakers in my office.

So I went old school and made a few mixed CD's. My car has a 6 disc changer so I can still have a good variety in the car in the morning. While making these CDs I started with a Keith Urban mix, obviously. When I made subsequent playlists my two favorite Keith Urban songs would show up on these playlists and would not delete. So now I have 6 brand new CDs in my car that all start with my two favorite Keith Urban songs!

Want to give those two songs a listen?
Long Hot Summer

You're Gonna Fly

Or you can just go on a little drive with me somewhere.
In my car there are some Keith Urban rules which we will discuss if you are ever riding shotgun with me, windows down, and J-Lo's on.


My gypsy soul wants this

And the skinny girl somewhere inside of me 
will be able to pedal it all anywhere we want to go!

Who's in? 
I promise to pack a lunch that will make your heart happy.


Donations Requested

Drew needs this watch.
It costs... well A LOT of dollars. 
So we are taking up a collection. 
All donations can be made to me,
and I will see that Drew gets them. 
(I promise)

(and yes my nails are two different colors)

He also thinks I need these shoes.
So donations will also be taken
to supplement the 4 dollars a month Drew has agreed
to give me for my shoes allowance. 
At that rate I will be able to buy these shoes in 3 and a half years. 
Do you think they have layaway?

I will also be taking donations to cover the medical expenses
incurred by wearing the above shoes.



In the interest of me starting a new diet 
we decided to try Moochies last night.
They claimed to be authentic 
and I am ever on the lookout for an authentic philly sandwich. 
Guy from Dinners, Drive ins, and Dives, said it was authentic 
and his, along with our friend Ann's, recommendation 
of El Indio in San Diego was spot on. 

Drew told me I was not allowed to take a picture of him, 
but just for technical reference he was there, 
he did partake, 
and you may observe his elbow, 
which I have notated in the upper right hand corner of the above photo. 
I have also notated happiness wrapped in deli paper. 

I did kind of get a picture of Katy. 
We threatened to time her to see how long it took her
to demolish this cheesesteak sub.
But to our great dismay she did not even finish it. 
Drew and I couldn't decide between a cheesteak and an atomic meatball,
so we got both and shared. 
I was covered in marinara sauce when we were done. 
Good thing no one else was taking pictures.
Later in the evening "the boozer" struck again
when I found the Martinelli's sparkling lemonades at Winco.
Oh my goodness they are divine. 
Sparkling Prickly Passion.