Happy Pappy's Day!!!


He is standing like a girl in this picture because he is making fun of me. My dad is the best for a million reasons: But let me list just a few here in honor of this special day!

*He loves grocery ads, odd I know. But he loves to read them
*He is logical for me when I can't be.
*He taught me to be nice to my brothers because they would be bigger than me someday, and they are
*He lead family scripture every night.
*Even though he taught night classes occasionally, he still drove me and my friends to seminary at 5:45 in the morning.
*He makes a mean upside down egg sandwich
*He told us the cinnamon toast story EVERY single time we asked for it, which must have been most nights
*He came to my dance recitals, and school musicals
*When I am with my dad I am always safe and everything will always be okay.
*He makes a great apple pie, he even has a real honest to goodness trophy to prove it.
*He gets lost in Canada. <3
*He has three phones I should be able to contact him on, but I seem to always need him immediately whenever he is in class. 
*He takes us on adventures to the very shadiest restaurants he can find for authentic cuisine.
*He won't ride the ferris wheel at Lagoon, but he loves the bumper cars.
*He is quite the poet, and wrote me a Father's day poem this year upon our request.
*He broke up with a girl in college once because he didn't like her green pants.
*He makes amazing chicken wings and makes them for me every time I go home.
*He likes to try out accents at the drive thru to embarrass us.
*He has loved me from before I even took my first breath, and I am lucky enough to know it.
*He is stuck with me for eternity, that's a long time, and he seems okay with it. Maybe even excited.

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