100 American must haves

My friend Ann posted this today. I thought as a well traveled girl (within my own country) that I would be able to say I had enjoyed most things on the following list. I, However, have only had 66 of the 100 things on the list. Sad day! Time to set a new goal.

I wish more of my food goals were about eating less food. Ha! whatever! I like food and that is okay. So let's add this to Wade and I's goal to eat at 50 of the top 100 SLC restaurants (which isn't going as well as hoped because we have found favorites we like to keep going to.

   *1.New York pizza
   2. Hoppin' John
   *3. New Mexico green chile
   *4. Homemade buttermilk biscuits
   5. Tasso
   *6. Whole Maine lobster
   7. Calabash-style shrimp and hushpuppies
   8. Kansas City barbecue ribs
   *9. Hot glazed Krispy Kreme
  10. San Diego fish tacos
  *11. Cheese curds
  *12. Key lime pie
  *13. Philly cheese steak
  14. Memphis pork barbecue sandwich
  15. Lowcountry boil
  16. Huckleberry pie
  *17. New England clam chowder
  18. Boiled peanuts
  *19. Buffalo burger
  *20. Eggs Benedict
  *21. Pastrami on rye
  *22. Corned beef and cabbage
  *23. Pancakes with maple syrup
  *24. Everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato
  *25. Thin Mints (preferably frozen)
  *26. Frito pie
  27. Potato knish with mustard
  *28. Silver Queen corn on the cob
  *29. Soft pretzel from a street cart
  *30. Fresh-picked blueberries
  *31. Sourwood honey
  *32. State fair funnel cake
  33. Chesapeake crab cakes
  *34. Candied yams
  35. Oyster dressing
  *36. Snow cone or snowball
  37. Wild Alaskan salmon
  38. Sautéed morels
  39. Persimmon pudding
  *40. General Tso's Chicken
  *41. Frozen custard
  *42. Italian sausage with peppers and onions on a hoagie bun
  *43. Chili dog
  *44. Buffalo wings with blue cheese
  45. Spam musubi
  *46. Saltwater taffy
  *47. Fluffernutter sandwich on Wonder Bread
  *48. Black and white cookie
  *49. Frybread
  *50. BLT with thick-cut applewood bacon
  *51. Baked beans
  *52. Pumpkin pie
  53. Collards with vinegar and Tabasco
  *54. Tex-Mex fajitas with skirt steak and sautéed peppers
  55. Fried green tomatoes
  56. Succotash
  57. Shrimp and grits
  58. Hot water cornbread
  *59. Barbecue chicken pizza with red onions
  *60. Chicken fried steak
  *61. Carnitas burrito
  *62. Apple butter
  63. Geoduck
  *64. Soft-serve ice cream cone dipped in chocolate shell (especially Dairy Queen)
  *65. Pecan pie
  66. Catfish supper at a church or fire station
  67. Oysters Rockefeller
  *68. Homemade cranberry sauce
  *69. Pimiento cheese
  *70. MoonPie washed down with R.C. Cola
  71. Pickled watermelon rind
  *72. Cracker Jacks at the ball game
  *73. Smithfield ham
  *74. Meatloaf and mashed potato blue plate special at diner
  75. Chicken and waffles
  *76. Po'Boy
  *77. Green bean casserole with French's fried onions
  *78. Stuffed sopaipillas
  79. Turducken
  80. Shad roe on toast
  *81. Sweet potato casserole with or without marshmallows
  82. Cioppino
  *83. New York cheesecake
  *84. Pan-fried river trout
  *85. Jambalaya
  86. North Carolina pig pickin'
  *87. California rolls
  88. Burgoo
  *89. Penuche fudge
 * 90. Fried peanut butter and banana sandwich (the Elvis)
  *91. Scrapple or livermush
  92. Elk medallions in red wine reduction
 *93. Muscadine grapes
  *94. Cheeseburger at backyard barbecue
  95. Open-face turkey sandwich
  96. Chicago deep dish pizza
  *97. Cobb salad
  *98. Peach pie a la mode
  *99. Macaroni and cheese with Tillamook sharp cheddar
 *100. Root beer float

I have had a fish taco but not in San Diego, and I have had good BBQ ribs but not in Kansas City. I was tempted to count such things anyway until I realized I would be appalled if someone had ordered a cheesesteak here in SLC and counted that as having tried a real cheesesteak, because they aren't even close.  if you have time to go through the list. leave me a comment on how many you have tried. This list makes me want to go on a road trip real bad!

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