Orange Juice

I have had a goal recently to try and listen to ALL of the prompting I receive from The Spirit during the day. I have always struggled with whether a prompting was just my mind or a genuine prompting. I figured if I am being prompted do something good I can't go wrong either way. So the goal has been whenever a thought comes into my head, no matter how small, if I think it could be a prompting I follow through, even if I don't see how it would make a difference.

The other day I was at Winco and had my cart full of groceries when I realized that my debit card was not in my wallet. I though to myself that I would just write a check, no big deal, and I had spent an hour shopping. But the prompting came to leave the groceries and come back another day. I was thinking that really it shouldn't matter how I pay so what the heck? But I remembered my goal and I left the groceries and went home.

The next day I found that there had been a banking error and my account did not have the balance I expected. I had just enough to take care of all my bills while it was straightened out. Had I written a check for groceries I would have over drawn my account. Now you are thinking to yourself does Heavenly Father really care that I saved myself 35 dollars? I say yes He does.

I have been really grateful for the million little promptings that didn't seem to matter and that helped me out when "quickly I obeyed." I know that a month ago I wouldn't have listened to any of them. Not only have I had a million little miracles, and I am sure a million more unseen ones, but it has become easier and easier to hear those prompting. The more I listen the more they come. Imagine that.

So the other night I climb into bed and I'm laying there thinking you need to get out of this bed and kneel down and say your prayers. Well I laid there trying my very best to convince myself that I did not need to be on my knees and we, Heavenly Father and I, could talk just fine from my bed. I had myself convinced of it when the prompting came to get up and get some orange juice. So I tried to convince myself it was just my tummy talking, but I wasn't fooled because as good as orange juice sounded I was not getting myself out of that bed. So I knew that it wasn't my idea that I NEEDED orange juice. So per the deal I made with myself to follow promptings no matter how small, I got myself out of bed and walked all the way downstairs for some OJ. While I was down there I checked to make sure all of the doors where locked and I checked that all the burners where off, etc. I figured if I found the back door open I would have solved the mystery as to why I was prompted to do something as horrible as get out of my bed.

There was nothing. All was well. So I went back upstairs, knelt down said my prayers and went to bed. Did I need to get up and get OJ so I would get on my knees for prayer time? I still am convinced that He honestly doesn't care if one night I thought about skipping the kneeling. So what the heck was it? My tummy? No. A safety check? Everything was secure. Kneeling? Really? Really?

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