Boys Confuse Me

B: You know that I always had a crush on you right?
Me: Uhh....
B: Seriously I always really liked you.
Me: Then why the heck did you NEVER ask me out?
B: I don't know... I thought you were always in love with *____
Me: Um no, and that blew up in my face anyway.
B: So you had no idea that I liked you?
Me: None
B: But what about that night that I came over with my guitar and sang to you all night?
Me: I thought that was because we were good friends.
B: Honey a boy doesn't do something like that unless he is interested in being much more than friends.
Me: So just a few nights ago when I was at a friends house and he sang and played to me until I fell asleep on his couch... He wants to be more than friends?

*The problem is that I would bet my first born that the second fellow is just my friend. So almost the EXACT same incidence in one case means he wants to date me and in one means he is a good friend. How is a girl suppose to tell the difference? 


  1. I guess you could always just ask!

  2. I think sometimes(if not many)boys are thinking the very exact same thing. I think we all speak the same language, we just use different words to express! One day you will find a guy that you are on the same page with and that will just be bliss.

  3. I could ask but in both circumstances I didn't think I needed to. I was pretty sure I aleady knew the answer.

  4. It's because obviously one of these boys is speaking girl when you were expecting boy. Tell the boy to man and speak man. ;)

    Just kidding but yeah, I know I'd be confused if that happened to me too.