Police Blotter

Friday's Statesman, the campus paper for Utah State University, was always my very most favorite thing to read in between classes. Why? Because Friday was the day they published the Utah State Police Blotter. Oh how I loved it.

The other night I was going through some paperwork from school and I stumbled upon a couple of my favorites that I had saved.

I loved this one because I often felt like this in school. Oh my goodness what major should I choose? Which major should I pick next? Where should I work? Where should I live nest semester and with whom? What do I do when I graduate? That last one is the scariest really.

I love this one so so much. They called the police to report something suspicious and it was fruit punch! Ha how did they know? Did the officer get down on the floor and smell it or better yet taste it? It must have been fairly obviously not suspicious to the officer to have risked so much to find out!

Okay and my favorite of all time I could not find a copy of but I remember it well.

"University Police responded to the report of a man who entered the bathroom with a brief case and a watermelon and had not as yet, exited the bathroom."

I can't even imagine the circumstances behind this one. And if memory serves me it was in the old Merill library which no longer exists. Oh the times I had in the Merrill library, but that is a post for another day!

There is another one which I cherish, but it involved my roommate and an embarrassing situation in a bathroom stall. Due to the fact that she does not treasure the memory I will not go into detail. But if you want to ask me about it in person I will tell you the story. I mean it has already been published once before to a much larger audience.


  1. Haha! I love your posts. They make me smile.

  2. Oh, the blotter... I love it that you saved some of your favorites! I so wish I would have done that...haha!