Favorite convos from the weekend

1.) Call from home
Me: "Hey!"
Simon: "REESE! *gasp* I *gasp* just went *gasp* potty on the *gasp* BIG BOY *gasp* POTTY!"
Me: "Goobs, that is great I am so proud of you!"
Simon: "And I DID IT STANDING UP!!!!!"

*My baby brother is growing up and so excited to do so.
I love it so much when they call me.

2.) J: "I was wondering if we could exchange numbers. I was just thinking I would really like it we could increase our communication."
A: "I would love to participate in more communication with you. Let's do this."

3.) Snubs: "Annie tell me about ______"
Annie: "* Standard Response"
Snubs: That is a load of crap tell me what's really going on."

*I love how well he knows me. It is a little bit scary though to know and love someone who can absolutely see right through you.

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