My New Super Power

You know how your body functions kind of like an antenna? And remember back in the day when we used radio or TVs that had them and you would move or adjust it and then step away it would go all fuzzy again? I believe I watched an entire episode of Dr. Quinn in an odd yogaesque position so I could hold onto the antenna and watch Sully toss tomahawks at the bad guys.

P.S. No matter what Katy says I NEVER had a crush on Sully. It was all her! 

Well I think I have a new super power. You see the radio in my room is an actual radio. With antenna and as I walk around the room getting ready in the morning it switches between like 4 different stations. But I noticed today that it doesn't just kinda move a little, the actual digital display will move up or down like 10 or 20 digits. Weird.

Also my car does not have an auxiliary port so I have to play my ipod through an adapter that plays over the radio. Which has worked for years. Until recently when it won't stick to one station. So I got as new one. Same problem, as well as the three others I exchanged it for.

Now the speakers in my office are also going in and out of service based on where I stand. It has nothing to do with my cell phone either as it is not near by the radio in my room nor the speakers in my office.

So I went old school and made a few mixed CD's. My car has a 6 disc changer so I can still have a good variety in the car in the morning. While making these CDs I started with a Keith Urban mix, obviously. When I made subsequent playlists my two favorite Keith Urban songs would show up on these playlists and would not delete. So now I have 6 brand new CDs in my car that all start with my two favorite Keith Urban songs!

Want to give those two songs a listen?
Long Hot Summer

You're Gonna Fly

Or you can just go on a little drive with me somewhere.
In my car there are some Keith Urban rules which we will discuss if you are ever riding shotgun with me, windows down, and J-Lo's on.

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  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    That explains why your phone doesn't work in your office either, apparently you've managed to grow a galena crystal somewhere in your body... Just sayin I wouldn't be surprised ;)