In the interest of me starting a new diet 
we decided to try Moochies last night.
They claimed to be authentic 
and I am ever on the lookout for an authentic philly sandwich. 
Guy from Dinners, Drive ins, and Dives, said it was authentic 
and his, along with our friend Ann's, recommendation 
of El Indio in San Diego was spot on. 

Drew told me I was not allowed to take a picture of him, 
but just for technical reference he was there, 
he did partake, 
and you may observe his elbow, 
which I have notated in the upper right hand corner of the above photo. 
I have also notated happiness wrapped in deli paper. 

I did kind of get a picture of Katy. 
We threatened to time her to see how long it took her
to demolish this cheesesteak sub.
But to our great dismay she did not even finish it. 
Drew and I couldn't decide between a cheesteak and an atomic meatball,
so we got both and shared. 
I was covered in marinara sauce when we were done. 
Good thing no one else was taking pictures.
Later in the evening "the boozer" struck again
when I found the Martinelli's sparkling lemonades at Winco.
Oh my goodness they are divine. 
Sparkling Prickly Passion.

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